Deathfeast Open Air 2019


Yooo guys, new week new announcement.

The hardest job for us is, to find some special, which isn't playing on every festival and in every city. We are always searching for pearls, which are not that big and popular, but still kill it hard.

This time we wanna announce one of this pearls. Lukas discovered them on a Festival in Indonesia, while he was touring Asia with his Band Stillbirth. "That's one of the best Brutal Death Metal Bands i ever saw in my life" was his statement.

So, we are very happy to announce you another heavy train from asia. These guys don't only play Brutal Death Metal, they kill it. Heavy riffing, fast drums, murderouse vocals and a tightness that you can't find a second time! If you don't know this guys, check them out. It will fulfill your life.


Get your tickets here:

Are you ready for more Bands? we will announce more soon.

Bands so far:
Aborted (Belgium) | Waking the Cadaver Official (USA) | General Surgery(Sweden) | Abysmal Torment (Malta) | Extermination Dismemberment(Belarus) | Annotations Of An Autopsy (UK) | Korpse (Netherlands) | VISCRAL (Indonesia) | Traumatomy (Russia) | Keitzer (Germany) | CRANIOTOMY (Slovakia) | DEVANGELIC (Italy) | Serrabulho (Portugal) | Deadsquad (Indonesia) | Serial Butcher (Belgium) | Repugnance (Malta) | Supreme Carnage (Germany) | Gorezone (Germany) | Chordotomy(Germany)


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