GRAND SLAM 2 Within Destruction Untethered Diaroe


Fake Slam is the key word for the 23th February 2019!!

Within Destruction (Slovenia)
Is still after so much time under investigation by the Slam Police. Within Destruction will crush the Helvete with Deathwish apart!

Untethered (Germany)
Their EP Daddy Issues will come around as soon as possible. Slamchicken circle pits are definitely confirmed! (1:45 Music Video)

DIAROE (Germany)
Deathgrind from the very deep hell, will satisfy the whole crowd with songs like Blutige Ernte and Mettigel Supertrumpf!

When Plagues Collide (Belgium)
Tutor Of The Dying is When Plagues Collides new album and we are very excited to listen to the new master piece till its out! Very great Deathcore band from Belgium!

Exorcised Gods (Germany)
Another great Deathcore band!! Their EP Unholy Purification is a freaking Banger guys, it has so much groove in it! The two vocalists harmonize togethere, it soimds absolutely disgusting!