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Cinematic Metal Icons DARK SARAH
Sign Worldwide Contract With Napalm Records!

New Album, Grim, Out July 17, 2020 | Pre-Order NOW!
[photo credit: Marko Simonen]
Finnish cinematic metal icons DARK SARAH have officially signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records! Over the course of eight years and three epically conceptualized albums, the band has proven their standing in the scene. As a classically-educated opera singer and experimental performer, Heidi Parviainen (formerly of AMBERIAN DAWN), created her alter ego with DARK SARAH and fascinates listeners with their talent for unique soundscapes in symbiosis with truly magical worlds.

Known for their incredible storytelling that coalesces perfectly into an unbreakable bond with their music, DARK SARAH are ready to start a new, mesmerizing journey with Napalm Records and their brand new upcoming epos, Grim, hitting stores on July 17, 2020!

Heidi Parviainen on the signing:
“We are very happy and excited to start a new era in our band´s history and to start collaborating with Napalm Records, one of the biggest metal labels in the world! After working as an independent band for many years, we have got a good view on that path - both in good and bad. This is a new opportunity for us, which we´ll welcome with open arms!”
DARK SARAH to release new horror-fantasy album, Grim!
Out on July 17, 2020 | Pre-Order HERE!
Cinematic metal icons DARK SARAH start an astonishing new fairytale-like storyline with their fourth studio album, Grim. The beguiling new dimension, coalescing between crystal-clear vocals and propulsive hardness, draws you into the tempestuous maelstrom of their horror fantasy theme. Introducing the new protagonist, Luna, the band invites you to their mythical world of orbs, ravens, rabbit-headed people and Mörk, that’ll wrap you up in a surreal dreamscape.

The overwhelming intensity of DARK SARAH’s masterfully told cinematic metal saga sends shivers down your spine and takes possession of heart and soul, while leaving you with pure emotions. Grim flourishes with its full magnitude, unfolding its potential with every very second.

Singer Heidi Parviainen on Grim:
“Our new album called Grim is a concept album like its predecessors, but Grim will start a new story line with a modern horror fantasy theme. Musically, Grim introduces a more modern sound and a taste of what's to come in the future - with a “DARK SARAH twist", of course. We´re very happy about this album and it has been really fun to make. Also creating the new visual brand and the Grim world has been an adventure already!”

Heidi Parviainen – vocals
Sami-Petri Salonen – guitar
Erkka Korhonen – guitar
Rude Rothstén – bass
Thomas Tunkkari – drums

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JINJER Releases Live Video for "Pit Of Consciousness" | Watch HERE

New Album, Macro, Out Now via Napalm Records
Get Your Copy HERE
[Photo Credit: Tementiy Pronov]
"A cocktail of modern prog metal, 'Macro' is the album where Jinjer show us what the future of heaviness sounds like.” - Loudwire
In the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic and with music fans confined to their homes, Ukrainian modern metal frontrunners JINJER bring live madness to your screens with the release of the official live video for crushing song "Pit Of Consciousness" from their globally acclaimed album Macro.

The video was filmed during the band's captivating performance in Kiev in 2019 by Oleg Rooz (Suicidal Tendencies, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Enter Shikari).

Commented bass player Eugene Abdukhanov: "Back when we recorded this show we were on the tail end of a 6 month tour and somewhere in between all that madness we managed to write and record Macro... it was an extremely stressful time. But it was one of the most positive times of our lives. Things right now look pretty grim and no one knows what will happen next. We want to release this video with the hopes of letting people know that no matter how crazy, confusing and scary things get - BETTER TIMES are on the way. Let’s use the time at home in isolation to take a good look inside and learn about our true selves…"
Watch “Pit Of Consciousness” HERE:
Stream the album version of “Pit Of Consciousness”
via all platforms HERE!
Devastating riffs, aggressive vocals, powerful melodies and astonishingly deep lyrics are what make their new album, Macro, JINJER’s most advanced and undeniable album yet – taking the listener on a journey of trauma, power struggle and greed with a progressive groove metal backdrop.

Order Macro HERE, and watch the music videos below:

“Judgement & Punishment”: WATCH
“On The Top”: WATCH
“Pit Of Consciousness”: WATCH
“On The Top Live In Kiev”: WATCH
"Retrospection": WATCH
[Artwork by Reuben Bhattacharya | Visual Amnesia]


In under 10 years, the four-piece progressive groove metal wrecking machine known as JINJER have carved their very own place in the heavy metal landscape and are poised to go even further in 2019 and beyond. Hailing from Donetsk, this Ukrainian musical oddity formed in 2009, but consider the official start of the band with the addition of the incredible vocalist and femme fatale, Tatiana Shmayluk, in 2010. Since then, JINJER have been nominated and won the Best Ukrainian Metal Act award for Best Ukrainian Metal Band multiple times.

JINJER have built upon the successes of their previously released Micro EP with their latest full-length, Macro – boasting impressive worldwide chart debuts, remarkable critical acclaim, and millions of track streams and YouTube views – all the while selling out the vast majority of their international live performances in support. With Macro, JINJER have truly arrived in metal stardom territory and are on the verge of conquering it.

Vocals: Tatiana Shmayluk
Guitar: Roman Ibramkhalilov
Bass: Eugene Abdukhanov
Drums: Vlad Ulasevich

JINJER online:



(0) Drops New Single & Lyric Video for “Skarntyder”

Watch NOW!


Debut Album SkamHan Out April 24 | Pre-Order HERE!

[Photo Credit: Gaia Micatovich Photography]

The best-kept secret of the Danish underground -
A hallucinating Progressive Black Metal offering


Danish progressive black metal enigma (0) has just released their newest single “Skarntyder”, fresh off their upcoming album, SkamHan, to be released on April 24 via Napalm Records. FJ’s dark growls paired with a mysterious and exhilarating atmosphere round off the song in perfect harmony and pull the listener even farther into the somber void.

With heavy riffs and ascending drums, followed by an unmistakably grim guitar solo, the song will have the listener on the edge of the boundaries of their imagination from the very first second. Watch the energetically bursting lyric video for “Skarntyder” below!

The band states:

The second single from SkamHan is track nr.3, “Skarntyder”. It's about people who as children are branded as difficult and weak, and thus scorned by society. “Skarntyder” is a made up word, derived from the danish word Skarntyde which means hemlock. When suffixed with an 'r' it becomes a joined word consisting of 'Skarn' and 'Tyder'. 'Skarn' translates to filth, which in Danish can be used about a person (child) who misbehaves. 'Tyder' is used about someone who interprets and reads into symbols and patterns.

So a 'Skarntyder' is someone who points out and brands a person that misbehaves or doesn’t fit in.

Watch “Skarntyder” HERE:

In rousing dark euphoria, (0) lifts the veil for their debut album SkamHan, a lucid dream wrapped in growling dark melancholia. Seven explosive and oppressive tracks presented in a frenzied mania blossom into a hallucinating mixture of black, drone and post metal spiced with intense sludge and progressive influences. The opening track, “Tyndere End Hud”, infatuates with intoxicating riffs and forceful growls, drawing its listener into the dark vortex. Pain and gloomy nothingness dominate the luminous expanse of SkamHan and symbolize the extreme soundscapes in an opus of darkness. The eponymous track crucially grows to a cathartic vibrating atmosphere and ruptures in energetic parts due to the agonized, bloodcurdling growls. The atmospheric expansiveness of the final track, “Alle Renses”, reminds that the routes of (0) remain labyrinthine. The elusive quintet bites the ear of the listener and drips with blackened obscurity.

Pre-Order SkamHan NOW:

[Artwork by: Funch Creative]

SkamHan track listing:
1. Tyndere End Hud
2. Sjælstjæler
3. Skarntyder
4. Rød Glorie
5. Sortfugl
6. SkamHan
7. Alle Renses

SkamHan will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Digipak
  • Gatefold Black Vinyl
  • Digital Album

(0) are:
Vocals: FJ
Guitar: JU
Guitar: MA
Bass: MC
Drums: JJ

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AD INFINITUM Releases New Single & Lyric Video,
Live Before You Die"

Spellbinding Debut Full-Length Album, Chapter I: Monarchy,
Out April 3, 2020

Watch the Video NOW | Pre-Order HERE

[Photo Credit: Nat Enemede]

Your restless soul wants to see, wants to know

Today, symphonic Metal time travelers, AD INFINITUM, release their third single, “Live Before You Die”, along with an expressionistic lyric video. The new single leads further into the enigmatic tangle of time and the upcoming bewitching debut album Chapter I: Monarchy, to be released on April 3rd via Napalm Records.

Live Before You Die“ ignites an intoxicating symbiosis of boasting, energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal, set atop the rousing journey throughout the hammering jaws of time. The harsh, bittersweet lullaby illuminates the story behind the horizon of history and widens the listeners perspective.

AD INFINITUM’s outstanding singer, Mélissa Bonny, proves her finely differentiated vocal spectra once again with crystal clear parts in a thrilling variety with powerful, vibrant bits. “Live Before You Die“ emphasizes Chapter I: Monarchys soundscapes with vigor. Spiced with a dash of thrashing drums and powerful guitar lines, AD INFINITUM embarks on their frantic voyage through the depths of time.

AD INFINITUM on “Live Before You Die”:
"We might not be able to hit the road to play our music due to the current situation but we are still able to make you headbang from home! Here's "Live Before You Die" from our upcoming album Chapter I: Monarchy which will be released in one week! Are you ready?"

Watch “Live Before You DieHERE:


Pre-Order Chapter I: Monarchy HERE:

AD INFINITUM sets the stage for your darkest nightmares with their smashing debut Chapter I: Monarchy. The album grabs your demons by the horns, boasting energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal set atop a rousing journey throughout history. Escaping the Black Death and transporting you to another era, standout track “Marching on Versailles” breaks in with smashing drums and forceful guitar riffs. Melissa Bonny’s multi-faceted vocals fill every fiber of the anthemic “Demons” — from powerful, fragile highs to deep growls, the track will send shivers down your spine. The energetic and equally melodic soundscapes of the vigorous ballad “Fire and Ice“ perfectly illustrate the heart-wrenching tones of AD INFINITUM. With Chapter I: Monarchy, AD INFINITUM puts a spell on the world and surges right into the heart of epic symphonic metal with full force.

Melissa Bonny - vocals
Adrian Theßenvitz - guitars
Jonas Asplind - bass
Niklas Müller - drums

For more info on AD INFINITUM, visit:



VICTORIUS Releases Official Lyric Video for
Wrath Of The Dragongod

Watch the Video HERE | Order Space Ninjas From Hell NOW !

[Photo Credit: Steffen Runke]

Join forces with Power Metal upstarts VICTORIUS and attack the cosmic cage with their brand new lyric video for “Wrath Of The Dragongod”, taken from the latest album, Space Ninjas From Hell.  

To make up for the postponed live gigs, the power metal ninjas blast another sonorous offer into the infinite expanse of space. In a classic VICTORIUS fashion, they present yet another excerpt off their epic ninja fight through the adventurous universe: A shout out to the true ninja souls to join their clan and liberate the mighty dragon god.

Fast pulsing guitar riffs and clocking, powerful drums push this interstellar hymn up to the next level of energetic power metal. Guided by David’s remarkable vocals and accompanied by an epic lyric video, VICTORIUS invites their listeners to raise their sword for the firelord!

VICTORIUS on „Wrath Of The Dragongod“:

“Enjoy our brand new lyric video for the song “Wrath Of The Dragongod,” taken from our latest album Space Ninjas from Hell! Dive into the world of dragon god Ling Long and join the ninja clan! Originally this video was supposed to be an appetizer for our European tour in April, which has to be postponed due to the global situation at the moment. Nevertheless, we decided to show you what we´ve got mighty shinobi!“

Raise your laser sword to the burning sky and watch

Wrath Of The DragongodHERE:

Order their latest album Space Ninjas from Hell HERE:

The era of the Space Ninjas is not over yet! After an evil ninja clan joined forces with the dragon god to enslave the world, only a wizard could have stopped them before it was too late…

Thinking their lethal opponent had been defeated one and for all, the mankind lived in peace for years… These mythical warriors, however, have not given up on their ruthless plans of conquering the world. Hidden in their secret headquarters on the dark side of the sun – the Cosmic Space Commando Base – the ninjas only waited to fully regain their power! Fueled by hatred, stronger and faster than ever before, armed with their uniquely improved weapons and ninja-skills, they joined forces with the dragon god again – and this time the world needs to pay!

David Donatello / David Baßin (vocals)
Danger Dirk 3000 / Dirk Scharsich (guitar)
Fing Fang Flo / Florian Zack (guitar)
Astral Andy / Andreas Dockhorn (bass)
Fukushima Frank / Frank Koppe (drums)

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