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WIND ROSE Releases Ultimate Dance Remix of massive single
“Diggy Diggy Hole”

Watch the Official Video
[Photo by: Tommaso Barletta]
WIND ROSE forays into uncharted territory - dance music!

With metal shows at a standstill, the dwarven army of WIND ROSE are foraying into yet uncharted territory, leaving their caves to conquer dance halls and the stay-at-home, “solo dance sessions” of those in lockdown. While many bands are coming up with virtual plans to entertain fans, WIND ROSE have flipped the script and taken on a whole new genre!

Can’t party with your friends? Feel the beat from your seat! Closed rock clubs and concert venues can’t stop the march of the dwarven army! Expand your musical horizons with the ultimate dance remix of WIND ROSE’s breakthrough single “Diggy Diggy Hole” (over 17.5 million views on Youtube, 9 million on Spotify)! Back in 2019, it was probably the most shouted song on open air festival campgrounds. One year later, the “Diggy Diggy Hole”-Mania enters dancing clubs around the world.

“While metal festivals have been cancelled, some disco clubs remain open! We’re not sure why this is allowed, but if we can’t have metal… then… Challenge Accepted!”
Join the party and watch the official video for
“Diggy Diggy Hole” (Dance Remix) HERE!
After all this is over, the dwarves will take you back where they belong to - straight into the caves through which the rivers of beer, mead and metal flows! Back to drunken nights, tavern brawls, singing and partying until the last dwarf falls. Let them take you to Drunken Dwarves:
“We don`t write songs, we smith them against the anvil.” And that`s WIND ROSE in a nutshell! The five-piece that started out in Pisa, Italy in 2009 is no secret to genre connoisseurs thanks to four well-received albums and tours with Gloryhammer, Wintersun, Ensiferum and many more. They have perfected their mixture of heroic steel and folky, mead-drenched anthems in the meantime: party tunes don`t get better than “Diggy Diggy Hole” or “Drunken Dwarves”. Seriously. Counterbalance arrives in shape of epic power metal anthems like “The Art Of War” or “We Were Warriors”, carefully treading the fine line between neck-breaking riffing and dramatic orchestration. Wintersaga is a highly entertaining and unforgettable ride over mountains, snow and ice!
The newest album Wintersaga is available HERE!
[Artwork by: Tom Thiel]
Francesco Cavalieri - vocals
Claudio Falconcini - guitars
Federico Meranda - keyboards
Cristiano Bertocchi - bass
Federico Gatti - drums

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SCOTT STAPP Releases “World I Used To Know” Lyric Video
for National Voter Registration Day

Watch the Lyric Video HERE

Order Latest Album, The Space Between The Shadows, HERE
Hate, shame, who's to blame? Where’s the world I used to know?
A change has come from every side, only to divide
Grammy winning songwriter, solo artist, and voice of Creed, SCOTT STAPP has released a highly-charged lyric video for “World I Used To Know”. A fan favorite from Stapp’s comeback album, its personal lyrics and angst-ridden riffs cut deep, as arguments and unrest populate headlines and divide households.

The empowering, propulsive track is an observational critique that intentionally raises important questions as it seeks to be saved from “tomorrow’s sins.”

Stapp elaborates, “We’re all wondering what’s next and hoping we can quickly get back to the world we knew just seven months ago. As we mask up and maintain distance, it’s more important than ever to use your voice constructively. Your vote is your voice.”

Originally written in 2018 by Stapp, “World I Used To Know” is the opening track on The Space Between The Shadows, which debuted atop Rock and Album Charts in the US and UK in July 2019. Stapp’s first solo album in six years explores themes of rising above internal and external struggles.
Watch the “World I Used To Know” lyric video via Stapp’s social channels (@ScottStapp) or HERE:
Order The Space Between The Shadows HERE:
SCOTT STAPP is a Grammy winning songwriter, solo artist, and the voice of Creed (over 50 million albums sold). In July 2019, his 1st album in six years, The Space Between The Shadows, celebrated five years of sobriety, re-introduced an evolved artist at his best, and debuted in the Top 5 and Top 10 across Rock and Album charts in the US and UK. Scott is an inspiration to others struggling with the over-lapping illnesses of addiction and depression. He “pays it forward” through his work with ChildFund International and his own With Arms Wide Open Foundation, which helps military vets and their families with drug addiction, PTSD-triggered mental health issues and suicide prevention. In 2017, the Florida Association of Broadcasters awarded Scott with the Florida Service Award. In 2018 he was inducted into the Florida Music Hall of Fame. The rocker lives in Nashville, TN with his wife of fourteen years, Jaclyn, and their three young children.

A Symphonic Journey to Remember |
Sichere Deine Version JETZT

Neues Musikvideo LIVE mit dem
Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague -
Release My Symphony“ | HIER
photo by Emilie Garcin

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS verwirklichen ihren Traum:
Eine unvergessliche Reise durch die maritimen Weiten der Bandgeschichte untermalt durch das Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague

Setze die Segel für einen symphonischen Tagtraum, getragen durch die orchestrale Untermalung des Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague’s: VISIONS OF ATLANTIS veröffentlichen heute ihre zweite live Single “Release My Symphony” zusammen mit einem atmosphärischen Musikvideo, von ihrer kommenden, allerersten LIVE Blu-Ray/DVD/CD , A Symphonic Journey To Remember (VÖ. 30. Oktober via Napalm Records).

Das zarte Intro bezaubert mit präzisen Geigen-Melodien und explodiert in schnellen Drums und elektrisierenden Riffs, die das volle musikalische Können der symphonischen Avantgarde unterstreichen. Getragen von den malerischen Klängen des Orchesters und den kraftvollen Duetten von Clémentine Delauney und Michele Guaitoli entführen VISIONS OF ATLANTIS ihre Hörer und Zuschauer auf eine weitere maritime Reise und beweisen, dass sie in der Königsklasse des symphonischen Metals angekommen sind.

Nach dem Charterfolg des letzten Studio Albums, Wanderers (#17 UK, #30 US, #39 DE), begeistern die Vorreiter des Symphonic Metal nun mit einer Show der Extraklasse und verwandeln das heimische Wohnzimmer in eine maritime Wunderwelt, aus der man nur ungern wieder auftauchen möchte.

Das offizielle Live Video zu VISIONS OF ATLANTIS “Release My SymphonyHIER:


Sichere Dir Deine Version von
A Symphonic Journey To Remember JETZT:

2019 konnte die Band endlich einen lange gehegten Traum verwirklichen und ihre unverkennbaren Interpretationen symphonischer Härte, untermalt durch das Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, mit einem exklusiven Headliner-Set auf die Bühne des Bang Your Head!!! Festivals zaubern. Dieses einzigartige Live-Erlebnis haben die Vorreiter des Symphonic Metal in ihrem neuen Werk A Symphonic Journey To Remember, jetzt auf CD, DVD und Blu-Ray, für die Ewigkeit festgehalten. Monumentale Klang- und Bildkulissen getragen von schweren Gitarrenriffs unterstreichen die bezaubernden Duette von Clémentine Delauney und Michele Guaitoli und begleiten den Hörer mit 17 einzigartigen Songs quer durch die Historie von VISIONS OF ATLANTIS.

Clémentine Delauney über A Symphonic Journey To Remember:
“Wir freuen uns unglaublich, dass wir endlich unsere allererste Live-Blu-ray/DVD A Symphonic Journey to Remember veröffentlichen können. Unsere gemeinsame Show beim Bang Your Head!!! Festival 2019 mit dem Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague bat den perfekten Zeitpunkt und die perfekte Kulisse, um den Traum, mit einem Orchester zu spielen, wahr werden zu lassen. Wir hoffen, dass Euch dieses audiovisuelle Erlebnis so viel Freude bereitet, wie uns die Erinnerung an diese Show noch klar vor den Augen ist."

Das außergewöhnliche Live-Erlebnis wird als CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Doppel-LP, als exklusive Deluxe Box und auf allen Streaming Services verfügbar sein.

Tracklist A Symphonic Journey To Remember:
01. Intro
02. The Deep & the Dark
03. New Dawn
04. Ritual Night
05. Lost
06. The last Home
07. Memento
08. Release my Symphony
09. Words of War
10. Heroes of the Dawn
11. Wanderers
12. Seven Seas
13. A Journey to Remember
14. The Grand Illusion
15. Nothing Lasts Forever
16. Passing Dead End
17. Return to Lemuria

Erlebe die einzigartige Erfahrung in folgenden Formaten:
Blu-ray / DVD / CD Digipak im Hochformat
Blu-ray / DVD / CD Digipak im Hochformat + Shirt Bundle
2LP Vinyl Gatefold Black + DVD
2 LP Vinyl Gatefold Splatter Blue/White (incl. DVD)
Deluxe Fan Gym Bag (inkl. Flag, Blu-ray/DVD/CD Digipak Bundle + signed Booklet, VIP Pass & Lanyard)
Digital über alle Streaming-Anbieter  

Erlebe die symphonische Reise von VISIONS OF ATLANTIS live:
*Support: DRAGONY

09.09.21 AT - Graz / Orpheum
10.09.21 DE - Weinheim / Cafe Central
11.09.21 IT - Mailand / Legend Club
12.09.21 DE - München / Backstage Club
14.09.21 UK - London / The Underworld
15.09.21 FR - Paris / Backstage By The Mill
16.09.21 DE - Köln / Helios 37
17.09.21 NL - Enschede / Metropol
18.09.21 DE - Leipzig / Hellraiser
19.09.21 DE - Erfurt / From Hell
21.09.21 NL - Utrecht / De Helling
22.09.21 NL - Tillburg / 013
24.09.21 DE - Hamburg / Headcrash
25.09.21 SE - Gothenburg / Valand
26.09.21 SE - Stockholm / Slaktkyran
29.09.21 DE - Dresden / Club Puschkin
30.09.21 CZ - Prag / Nova Chmelnice
01.10.21 AT - Wien / Szene*
02.10.21 CZ - Zlin / Masteres of Rock Cafe
03.10.21 SK - Zvolen / DK ZSR

Mehr Informationen über VISIONS OF ATLANTIS:


VISIONS OF ATLANTIS ist eine österreichisch-französisch-italienische Symphonic Metal-Band, die Ende 2000 in Österreich gegründet wurde. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Handschrift sind harmonische Duette  aus männlichen und weiblichen Stimmen, die ihnen einen charaktervollen Wiedererkennungswert bescheren.  Die Band besteht aus Clémentine Delauney (Gesang), Michele Guaitoli (Gesang), Christian Douscha (Gitarre), Thomas Caser (Schlagzeug) and Herbert Glos (Bass).

Clémentine Delauney - Vocals
Michele Guaitoli - Vocals
Christian Douscha - Guitar
Herbert Glos - Bass
Thomas Caser - Drums
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STÄLKER Releases Raw & Apocalyptic Music Video For Brand New Single, "Intruder"

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Watch "Intruder" HERE
photo by Michael Mahne Lamb
New Zealand's speed metal overlords STÄLKER are returning with yet another lesson in raw and in-your-face heavy metal, breathing the spirit and danger of the glorious 80s.

Following 2019's globally acclaimed Powermad EP, the band's impatiently awaited second full-length album, Black Majik Terror, will be released on October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.

As STÄLKER weaves through tales of darkness and the ever present evil in the world, they close Black Majik Terror with the monumental "Intruder". This track employs everything the band does well - from their exaggerated vocal style to rapidly executed riffs and is an exquisite culmination of STÄLKER's work leading to this point. Everything you want from Speed Metal can be found here.

"Intruder" is the second single being released off Black Majik Terror, following the anthemic "Of Steel And Fire". The song is accompanied by a raw tale of rabid outlaws tearing through a post apocalyptic hellscape - viewers are in for a real treat!

Watch the music video for "Intruder" HERE
"Of Steel And Fire"
official music video
"Behold The Beast"
official music video

Black Majik Terror will available in various formats/editions (see below) - pre-order your copy HERE.

CD Jewelcase
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Gatefold Vinyl (Black)
Gatefold Vinyl (Black) + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm Mailorder only)
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Gatefold Vinyl (Yellow/Orange Swirl) + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm Mailorder only)

Jewelcase CD
Jewelcase CD + T-Shirt Bundle
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Gatefold Vinyl (Yelllow/Red Swirl)
Gatefold Vinyl (Yelllow/Red Swirl) + T-Shirt Bundle
Gatefold Vinyl (Black)
Gatefold Vinyl (Black) + T-Shirt Bundle
T-Shirt (front)
T-Shirt (back)


Formed in 2016 in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, STÄLKER quickly gained attention in the global metal scene with the release of their blistering three-track demo, 2016’s Satanic Panic, which sold close to a thousand cassettes and 7" copies in the blink of an eye: a staggering feat for any metal band from the southern hemisphere. Shortly after, being signed to Napalm Records now, STÄLKER set out to drop jaws with their much-anticipated full-length debut, Shadow of the Sword. The high-powered release shines a light on metal’s true lifeblood while showcasing STÄLKER’s strong melodic voice, mixing primeval thrash, punk, and spandex-and-leather-clad 80s metal influences into a relentless sonic attack. Followed by relentless tours around the globe and the release of critically acclaimed Powermad EP in 2019, STÄLKER went back to the rehearsal room to craft what will be known as their preliminary magnum opus as 2020 marks the electrifying arrival of STÄLKER's newest offering, Black Majik Terror. The trio wasted no time in disproving the lurking presence of the dreaded sophomore slump. Now the band is back with more speed, more power, and most importantly, more riffs. Black Majik Terror is a cacophony of speed metal mayhem sure to enchant any and all freaks, from the nefarious hordes of metalheads to the street side mobs of low down rock n rollers. With primal energy fueling their assault, Daif, Nick, and Chris put on a truly adept performance as they riddle their fans with a hail of piercing tracks that will leave the world in putrid flames. Black Majik Terror is here, and it is here to raise hell.

Daif: Vocals + Bass
Chris: Guitars
Nick: Drums

STÄLKER online:
Napalm Records

[Artwork by Bob Eggleton]
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DEVILDRIVER Reveals Surreal Music Video for
Anthemic New Single "Wishing"

Watch the New “Wishing” Music Video HERE

New Album, Dealing With Demons I, out October 2, 2020

Pre-Order HERE
[Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral // Illustration: Anne Catherine Swallow]
Top-charting dark groove metal originators DEVILDRIVER will release part one of their highly-anticipated double album, Dealing With Demons I, on its new release date of October 2, 2020 via Napalm Records. Today, DEVILDRIVER continues to bestow fans with a steady stream of content leading up to the album's impending release – following up on standout singles “Keep Away From Me”, "Iona" and "Nest Of Vipers" with their most heart-wrenchingly earnest offering to date, "Wishing".

As Dealing With Demons I explores the purging of a different demon per track, "Wishing" illustrates the theme of loss – more specifically, wishing a loved one would return. The clean vocals sung on "Wishing" mark frontman Dez Fafara's first in DEVILDRIVER history, harking back to his Goth roots. Influences of Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and more can be heard in Dez's brooding vocal delivery on the verses, while a heavy chorus punches with raw emotion as he screams, "wishing you were with me right now!"

The dreamlike official music video for "Wishing" – the band's most surreal visual yet – places each member of DEVILDRIVER in a nightmarish state, trying to physically reach their loved ones just to have them disappear once they've nearly grasped them. Echoing the lyrical themes of the track itself, Dez and his bandmates experience this loss again and again down an eerie rabbit hole, surrounded by faceless beings and distorted imagery.

The footage seen in the "Wishing" video was filmed in separate locations by each band member, with social distancing practiced as a top priority. The finished product was directed by Vicente Cordero/Industrialism Films.
Watch the surreal official music video for “Wishing” HERE:
              "Keep Away From Me"                                                     "Iona"
                 Official Lyric Video                                                  Official Video
                                                         "Nest Of Vipers"
                                                              Official Video
Dealing With Demons I marks the band’s first release of new, original material since 2016’s acclaimed Trust No One. This isn’t just the most vicious DEVILDRIVER material to date, but some of their most lethally memorable too. Produced and engineered by Steve Evetts with additional engineering from guitarist Mike Spreitzer, it’s a triumph of teamwork and tenacity. With new milestones like Dez Fafara’s eerie verses on “Wishing” and the frontman’s first co-authored lyric, Dealing With Demons I ferociously delivers the goods while kicking open several new doors for DEVILDRIVER to power through in the future. From the self-explanatory, explosive opener “Keep Away From Me” to the chilling imagery of “Iona” – both of which held DEVILDRIVER at #1 on the Metal Contraband charts for five weeks straight – this album is powerful evidence that Dez and his band mates have given DEVILDRIVER a volatile, visceral kick in the ass. Demons are getting dealt with in the harshest of manners.

Fans should be prepared for what is to come with the second volume of the double album, which promises to go even harder. This is a two-part acceleration into the future – after witnessing Dealing With Demons I, listeners will be clamoring for the second half!

Dealing With Demons I Tracklist:
1. Keep Away From Me
2. Vengeance Is Clear
3. Nest Of Vipers
4. Iona
5. Wishing
6. You Give Me A Reason To Drink (feat. Simon Blade Fafara)
7. Witches
8. Dealing With Demons
9. The Damned Don't Cry
10. Scars Me Forever
Pre-Order Dealing With Demons I HERE
[Album Artwork: Johnny Jones at COMA]
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CD Digipack + Metal Symbol + Notebook Bundle (Napalm Records Mailorder only, limited to 300)
Directly above available in DevilDriver Official Stores only, worldwide
Dez Fafara - Vocals
Mike Spreitzer - Guitar
Neal Tiemann - Guitar
Diego "Ashes" Ibarra - Bass
Austin D'Amond – Drums

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