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Death/Thrash Engine NERVOSA Releases New Single & Official Lyric Video for Title Track “Perpetual Chaos” | Watch HERE!

New Studio Album, Perpetual Chaos, Out January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!
[photo credit: Barbara Ciravegna]
A boisterous, uncontrollable thrash/death metal assault led by the four women of NERVOSA strikes another raging round with the release of their second single, “Perpetual Chaos”, cut from their upcoming full-length of the same name, out on January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records.
Along with a stunning lyric video, the powerhouse quartet delivers an undeniable round-house kick of uncompromising thrash and death metal elements, illuminating listeners worldwide with their bold and thought-provoking lyricism denouncing social evils. Their brand-new offering showcases the extremely multifaceted and indefatigably brutal vocal power off their new singer Diva Satanica, guided by the massive axe attack off founding member Prika Amaral and thundering support of Mia Wallace on bass and Eleni Nota on drums.
Their upcoming full-length album, Perpetual Chaos, marks the beginning of a new era whilst also underlining their critical, direct lyricism and style: From political grievances and amplifying the voices of minorities to protesting against factory farming, capitalism and succumbing to the ill-informed musings of social elites - these commanding women do not mince words.
Enter a thrashing world of destruction and be a part of the next generation of NERVOSA!

Guitarist Prika Amaral comments:
“It was a wonderful experience with these girls, they are all very talented and did an excellent job, I have never been so happy with the final result of a record. I chose Artesonao studio in Malaga, because it is isolated and in an extremely beautiful place, we worked hard but we had the best vibe between us.”
Watch the official lyric video for “Perpetual ChaosHERE:
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Vocalist Diva Satanica on the album process:
“It was undoubtedly a very intense process in every way. Not only did we learn to work together, but also to get to know each other and live together. I am very lucky to be able to be part of a project like this and I am sure that with the release of this album, NERVOSA will take a very important step in its career. Working with Martin Furia was incredible, he helped me to find nuances in my voice that I didn't know I had. Get ready, for a new era more powerful than ever!”

Guided by a marvelous force of uncompromising thrash and death metal, the raw power of Perpetual Chaos has its finger on the pulse of time: lyrically, NERVOSA does not hesitate to tackle issues that impact the very core of society as we know it. Tracks like the airtight opener “Venomous”, the fast-twitching “Until The Very End” and “Time To Fight” prove that NERVOSA’s revitalized identity experiments with both fresh new elements and crucial auditory foundations without succumbing to any clichés. “Genocidal Command” perks ears with Diva Satanica’s vocal eloquence, accented by the outstanding range of Schmier (DESTRUCTION) whilst mirroring a rousing thrash metal manifest. A tremendous outcome awaits with brawl-brushed guitar lines, blisteringly fast drums and critical lyricism – striking the listener in a way only NERVOSA could. Viva Perpetual Chaos!

Perpetual Chaos Tracklisting:
01. Venomous
02. Guided By Evil
03. People Of The Abyss
04. Perpetual Chaos
05. Until The Very End
06. Genocidal Command
07. Kings Of Domination
08. Time To Fight
09. Godless Prisoner
10. Blood Eagle
11. Rebel Soul
12. Pursued By Judgement
13. Under Ruins
  (LP Gatefold Vinyl Red – limited to 500 copies)              
Perpetual Chaos will be available in the following formats:
- CD Digipack
- LP Gatefold Vinyl Blue
- CD Digipack + Shirt Bundle
- Deluxe Edition: LP Gatefold Vinyl Splatter Blue/Red, 7inch Red, Sticker, Patch – strictly limited to 300 copies
- LP Gatefold Vinyl Red – limited to 500 copies
- Digital Album
Diva Satanica (Vocals)
Prika Amaral (Guitar)
Mia Wallace (Bass)
Eleni Nota (Drums)

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JACK McBANNON Announces New Album, Reveals First Details & Releases New Video - Watch HERE

True Stories Drops Feburary 19, 2021 via Rodeostar / Napalm Records
[photo credit: Frank Metzemacher]
German singer-songwriter JACK McBANNON has just released his brand new single, “Set Me Free”, via Rodeostar/Napalm Records, taken from his upcoming emotive new album True Stories, to be released on February 19, 2021.

JACK McBANNON began his consistent career as a real DIY artist. His last two studio albums were written, recorded, produced by himself – a strong nod to his passion and persistence as an artist.

True Stories is more than just another singer-songwriter album, it’s a trademark - JACK McBANNON’s individual musicality is not only audible, but perceptible with every note he plays and sings. His warm and slightly raspy voice coalesces with his music to create a unique sound combining modern acoustic rock, blues and country, paired with incredibly personal lyrics.
Listen to “Set Me Free” and watch the video HERE:
JACK McBANNON composed “Set Me Free back in 2010. Looking back a few years, he remembers: “At the time, I wasn’t doing so well, I was unhappy and my own personal grunge had me in its grip. But now that I’m doing much better, I rewrote a good part of the lyrics to give them a more positive spin: that everyone always gets another chance. I’m living proof of that.”

JACK McBANNON‘s “Set Me Free“ is out now on all Streaming Services!

Coming February 19th as CD (Limited Edition) and Digital formats on Rodeostar Records. True Stories is now available to pre-order here.
True Stories Track Listing:
01) Right Here
02) Set Me Free
03) The Snowflake
04) Together
05) Here’s A Winner
06) Dancing In The Rain
07) An Outlaw`s Inner Fight
08) Motel 81
09) Walking In The Dark
10) The Long Road Ahead
11) Runaway Me

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GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT Unveils New Album Details:

Ghost Tapes #10 out February 12 via Napalm Records
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Watch the Music Video for
Atmospheric New Single “Burial
[photo credit: Brian Meade]
An ethereal post-rock experience to dive into infinite atmospheres

Reigning as one of the most well-known and highly critically acclaimed experimental instrumental groups out there with a respected musical legacy spanning nearly 20 years, Irish four-piece GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT will reach a career benchmark upon the release of their 10th studio album, Ghost Tapes #10 (out February 12, 2021 via Napalm Records).

Along with an artful black and white music video (by Chariot Of Black Moth), the hypnotizing first offering “Burial” captivates with atmospheric yet melancholic, bewitching instrumental lines, and GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT’s full extent of power. The seven-minute piece showcases the band’s unique ability to explore plaintive wistfulness and shuddering riffs, forming a perfect storm whilst also creating intense sonic-spheres that are second to none.
Watch the video for “BurialHERE:
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
Robert Frost
Pre-Order the new album NOW:

Ghost Tapes #10 is certainly the most ferocious GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT full-length to date – it still retains all the rich musical and emotive elements the band is known for by wheeling around luminance, but offering its harsh and deep reminiscences as well. Works of art like “Burial”, “In Flux” and “Barren Trees”, with additional guitars by Jimmy Scanlan, amongst others are proof of these creations of sound. The album’s closer, the atmospheric “Luminous Waves”, captivates in a trance-like mindset – putting one deeply in touch with their inner self, drifting away to stirring tunes of guest cello virtuoso Jo Quail.

The artwork was illustrated by David Rooney, who has worked with the band in the past, and plays into the sense of the foreboding and uncertain times we live in. Ghost Tapes #10 will be available as a four-page digipack as well as in multiple limited LP options.
1. Adrift
2. Burial
3. In Flux
4. Spectres
5. Fade
6. Barren Trees
7. Luminous Waves
[LP Gatefold Vinyl Deluxe SPLATTER WHITE/GOLD/BLACK, Brush Print Metal Plate]

Ghost Tape #10 will be available in the following formats:
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl GOLD (limited to 300 copies)
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl Deluxe SPLATTER WHITE/GOLD/BLACK + Brush Print Album Cover Metal Plate, Slipmat (strictly limited to 100 copies)
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl SPLATTER WHITE/BLACK (limited to 300 copies)
  • Four-page CD Digipak
  • Bundle - LP Gatefold Vinyl BLACK + Shirt
  • Bundle - 1- CD Digipak + Shirt
  • Digital Album
  • Digital Album - High Res.
[artwork: David Rooney, ]
Torsten Kinsella - Guitar, Piano/Synths
Niels Kinsella - Bass
Lloyd Hanney - Drums
Jamie Dean - Guitar, Piano


JINJER's Monumental Live Album, Alive In Melbourne, Out Now!

Surprises Fans With Entire Melbourne Concert
Streaming On YouTube Today At 8pm CET!

Tune In HERE
Order Alive In Melbourne HERE
by Javier Bragado

Ukraine's progressive groove metal frontrunners JINJER have finally released their very first official live album, Alive In Melbourne, today via Napalm Records. The album shows JINJER at what they do best: smashing crowds to bits like very few bands can. Recorded on March 5th 2020 on the Australian leg of their highly successful Macro World Tour, the show was one of the last performances for JINJER, as well as the rest if the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alive In Melbourne features 17 of JINJER's heaviest hitting tracks including I Speak Astronomy, Noah, Pit of Consciousness, Words of Wisdom and their breakthrough single Pisces.

As an added bonus and a surprise to their fans, not only can you listen to Alive In Melbourne in its entirety on all streaming platforms but together with Napalm Records, JINJER will also premiere the complete Alive In Melbourne concert video on Youtube FOR FREE! Tune in to the Napalm Records Youtube Channel at 8pm CET and experience the energy that JINJER deliver live and up close in your own living room.

Alive In Melbourne is not only a live album but a very personal project of JINJER's enigmatic and outspoken bassist Eugene: “When this idea first came about, never could I imagine that it would grow into the project that it has become. First it was supposed to be a single video or maybe 1 or 2 more, then it was meant to be an online concert video for …. and now, after 6 months of planning, reacting and fighting to get this little piece of heavy metal history out to our fans and friends: Alive In Melbourne is out! From picking the cover artist Gabriel Nicoletti, to writing the very intense and personal band history in the linear notes … this album was not only something that I felt that our fans deserved in these strange times but it also helped me get through some of my own darkest times during the first Covid-19 lockdown. This was a moment in time that none of us will forget anytime soon.”

Watch Alive In Melbourne today at 8pm CET HERE For Free
As one of the hardest working and most innovative bands in the business, JINJER wouldn't be JINJER if they didn't play any of the many aces up their sleeves in a situation and climate as harsh as this. After the announcement of the live album, the band made the impossible a reality and, as the first non-European outfit, set foot on stage again in September, bringing back their intense live shows to their longing fans in Germany and Switzerland - under all necessary precautions.

Alive In Melbourne Tracklist
01. Intro
02. Teacher, Teacher!
03. Sit Stay Roll Over
04. Ape
05. Judgement & Punishment
06. I Speak Astronomy
07. Who Is Gonna Be The One
08. Noah
09. Retrospection
10. Perennial
11. On The Top
12. Pit Of Consciousness
13. Home Back
14. Words Of Wisdom
15. Pisces
16. Captain Clock
17. Outro
Deluxe Edition
Napalm Mailorder Only
Jewel Case + T-Shirt
Napalm Mailorder Only
Clear Purple Vinyl
Napalm Mailorder Only
Jewel Case
Digital Album
T-Shirt "Retrospection"
T-Shirt "Noah's Flowers"
T-Shirt "Pisces Alive"
JINJER Music Videos
Live In Melbourne
"The Prophecy"
Official Music Video
"Sit Stay Roll Over"
Live In Melbourne
"Teacher, Teacher!"
Live In Melbourne
"Judgement  & Punishment"
Official Music Video
"On The Top"
Official Music Video
"Pit Of Consciousness"
Official Music Video
Official Music Video
Fan LEGO Music Video
Official Music Video
Live at Wacken Open Air
"On The Top"
Live In Kiev
"Pit Of Consciousness"
Live In Kiev
Vocals: Tatiana Shmayluk
Guitar: Roman Ibramkhalilov
Bass: Eugene Abdukhanov
Drums: Vlad Ulasevich

JINJER online:
Napalm Records

by Gabriel Nicoletti
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