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GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT Releases New Single & Dark, Poignant Official Video “Fade” | Watch HERE!

New Album, Ghost Tapes #10, out February 12 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW
[photo credit: Brian Meade]
“It’s all about hypnotic intensity, blends of intense noise
and melody along with a mix of electronics”
Reigning as one of the most well-known and highly critically acclaimed experimental instrumental groups out there with a respected musical legacy spanning nearly 20 years, Irish four-piece GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT will reach a career benchmark upon the release of their 10th studio album, Ghost Tapes #10 (out February 12, 2021 via Napalm Records).

The second single cut from GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT’s tenth studio album, Ghost Tapes #10, directly calls for action with an intense wall of sound, carried by a furious fuzzed bass line and a fast drum groove that culminates in a heavy, colossal apex. Keeping this energetic level on point, “Fade” comes to an end in an atmospheric and picturesque world of sounds to be discovered.

At 210 BPM, “Fade” is the fastest track that GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT has ever written. Starting off with a 10/8 time signature that fades into a 12/8 beat, the track is further proof of the band’s musical expertise. The song is illustrated by a dark and sinister black and white music video, created by Chariot Of Black Moth, which captures the intensity and showcases that “Fade” stands out among GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT’s former discography.
Watch the video for “FadeHERE:
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[artwork: David Rooney,]
Ghost Tapes #10 is certainly the most ferocious GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT full-length to date – it still retains all the rich musical and emotive elements the band is known for by wheeling around luminance, but offers harsh and deep reminiscences as well. Works of art like “Burial”, “In Flux” and “Barren Trees”, with additional guitars by Jimmy Scanlan, amongst others, are proof of these creations of sound. The album’s closer, the atmospheric “Luminous Waves”, captivates in a trance-like mindset – putting one deeply in touch with their inner self, drifting away to stirring tunes of guest cello virtuoso Jo Quail.

The artwork was illustrated by David Rooney, who has worked with the band in the past, and plays into the sense of the foreboding and uncertain times we live in. Ghost Tapes #10 will be available as a four-page digipack as well as in multiple limited LP options.  
  1. Adrift
  2. Burial
  3. In Flux
  4. Spectres
  5. Fade
  6. Barren Trees
  7. Luminous Waves
[LP Gatefold Vinyl GOLD]
Ghost Tapes #10 will be available in the following formats:
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl GOLD (limited to 300 copies)
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl Deluxe SPLATTER WHITE/GOLD/BLACK + Brush Print Album Cover Metal Plate, Slipmat (strictly limited to 100 copies) – SOLD OUT!
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl SPLATTER WHITE/BLACK (limited to 300 copies) – SOLD OUT!
  • LP Gatefold Vinyl BLACK
  • Four-page CD Digipak
  • Bundle - LP Gatefold Vinyl BLACK + Shirt
  • Bundle - 1- CD Digipak + Shirt
  • Digital Album
  • Digital Album - High Res
Torsten Kinsella - Guitar, Piano/Synths
Niels Kinsella - Bass
Lloyd Hanney - Drums
Jamie Dean - Guitar, Piano


SIRENIA Releases Visualizer For Thundering Second Single
“We Come To Ruins” | Watch HERE!

Tenth Album, Riddles, Ruins & Revelations, out February 12, 2021
via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

[Photo Credit: Richelle ter Heege]

“I stare into a descending sun
I fall into oblivion
I falter into wastelands and beyond
I comprehend what my life has become”

French-Norwegian symphonic metal outfit SIRENIA recently announced the release of their exquisite upcoming tenth studio album, Riddles, Ruins & Revelations, out February 12, 2021 via Napalm Records. The 11-track album draws the listener deep into a versatile symphonic metal vortex through combining heavy sound with modern influences.

After releasing the album’s first output, “Addiction No. 1”, in late 2020, the four-piece around mastermind, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer Morten Veland is ringing in the new year with another catchy yet smashing anthem! “We Come To Ruins” skillfully portrays SIRENIA’s multifaceted nature and adds harshness to the record’s characteristic elements, while transforming the “beauty and the beast“-concept into a modern yet dark atmosphere. Stamping guitar tunes are underlined by evil growls, ushered along by the vocal power of singer Emmanuelle Zoldan shortly after. This song is poised to move all the headbangers out there!

Morten Veland about “We Come To Ruins”:
“‘We Come To Ruins’ is the second single from our upcoming album. This song shows SIRENIA from a heavier side, although it is a very dynamic song with many changes in both atmosphere and intensity. It is probably a more "typical" SIRENIA song than our first single, but still with a modern approach.”

Experience the intensity of “We Come To Ruins” HERE:

A modern ride straight into the heart of symphonic metal!

With Riddles, Ruins & Revelations, SIRENIA remains as true to their album title word-play as they do to their dedication to symphonic soundscapes, drawing the listener into a pounding narrative about the darkest aspects of life. All eleven songs accumulate step by step to an integral auditory artwork, where the versatile mezzo soprano voice of singer Emmanuelle Zoldan always shines in high-profile. In addition, there are many enchanting, instrumental surprises lurking along the way that absolutely need to be discovered.

The album opener, “Addiction No. 1”, immediately showcases the modern and electronic direction SIRENIA are aiming in with their new epos, while “This Curse Of Mine”, for example, bumps in with heavy riffs. On "Downwards Spiral", Emmanuelle is supported by the remarkable voice of longtime friend Joakim Næss on clean vocals, who has joined the symphonic metal outfit on previous releases. SIRENIA’s tenth full-length ends with a cover of Desireless` 1986 hit “Voyage Voyage”, where the unit again impressively combines symphonic sounds with electronic atmosphere, not only evident on this final epos, but on Riddles, Ruins & Revelations as a whole.

Morten Veland on the album:
"Riddles, Ruins & Revelations is SIRENIA's tenth studio album. The album is very diverse, as a SIRENIA album should be. There's a lot of material that shows the band from a new side, and there is lots of material that is to be expected from the band musically. All in all, the album will take listeners through a journey that will cover both familiar and unexplored musical landscapes. We hope that you will enjoy the journey.”

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Riddles, Ruins & Revelations tracklist:
1. Addiction No. 1
2. Towards An Early Grave
3. Into Infinity
4. Passing Seasons
5. We Come To Ruins
6. Downwards Spiral
7. Beneath The Midnight Sun
8. The Timeless Waning
9. December Snow
10. This Curse Of Mine
11. Voyage Voyage

Riddles, Ruins & Revelations will be available in the following formats:
- CD Digipack + Wristband
- CD Digipack
- Digital Album

[CD Digipack + Wristband – Napalm Shop]

Morten Veland - guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, programming
Nils Courbaron - lead guitar
Emmanuelle Zoldan - vocals
Michael Brush - drums

Connect with SIRENIA online:


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE unterschreibt weltweiten Plattendeal bei Napalm Records!
Erste Reihe vlnr: Jim Müller (KD), Hannes Braun (KD), Andi Schnitzer (KD)
Zweite Reihe vlnr: Billie Klein (Napalm), Plattenvertrag, Thomas Caser (Napalm)
Dritte Reihe  vlnr: Ande Braun (KD), Niko Tsagarakis (Monster Artists), Steffen Haile (KD)
Welcome to the Napalm Family, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE!
Napalm Records ist stolz, das Signing eines der herausragenden deutschen Rock-Acts, KISSIN' DYNAMITE, bekannt zu geben!

2007 als Schülerband gegründet, hat sich das schwäbische Powerhouse bei mehr als 600 Shows auf der ganzen Welt seinen Status als einer der besten Live-Acts erarbeitet und war dabei unter anderem mit Acts wie Powerwolf, Steel Panther und U.D.O. auf Tour.  

Auf sechs Studioalben und mit diversen Chartplatzierungen (u.a. #7 der deutschen Albumcharts mit Ecstasy [2018]) etablierte die Band ihren ganz eigenen Stil, geprägt von modernen Sounds, wuchtigen Hymnen und eingängigen Hooks, gepaart mit einer 80er Jahre Stadionrock Attitüde und ihrem exzentrischem Look. Es ist die explosive Mischung aus allem, was moderner Rock zu bieten hat, die KISSIN' DYNAMITE auszeichnet und sie als einen der Top Acts im Rock positioniert. Napalm Records und KISSIN‘ DYNAMITE freuen sich darauf, gemeinsam den nächsten Schritt in der steilen Karriere der Band zu gehen.

Neben dem Plattenvertrag haben KISSIN' DYNAMITE auch einen Booking-Deal mit der österreichischen Cobra Agency unterzeichnet.

KISSIN' DYNAMITE über das Signing:
"Wir sind überglücklich, dass wir gerade einen Plattenvertrag mit dem bekannten österreichischen Label Napalm Records, sowie einen Bookingvertrag mit der Cobra Agency unterschrieben haben. Mit diesem international agierenden Team an unserer Seite, treten wir einem Club von befreundeten Bands bei, mit denen wir gemeinsame Erinnerungen teilen! Let's do this together and #bringbackstadiumrock"
Napalm Records CEO Thomas Caser:
„Welcome KISSIN‘ DYNAMITE! Eine der energetischsten und aufstrebendendsten Bands die Deutschland im Hard-Rock Bereich seit den Scorpions hervorgebracht hat! Wir sind bis in die Hair-Metal-Spitzen motiviert und freuen uns sehr auf die langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit dieser hochtalentierten Band. Unser Fokus wird nicht nur auf dem heimischen GSA-Markt sondern speziell auch in der internationalen Entwicklung der Band liegen. Es steht Großes bevor!“
Versetze dich in Stadionrock Atmosphäre und schau
"I've Got The Fire" HIER an:
15.07.21 AT – Leoben / Area 53 Festival
16.07.21 DE – Balingen / Bang Your Head Festival
17.07.21 DE – Fritzlar / Rock Am Stück Festival
29. – 31.07.21 DE – Wacken Open Air
31.07.21 CZ – Dolni Vitkovice / Ostrava v Plamanech
29.08.21 CH – Aarburg / Riverside

Hannes Braun – vocals
Ande Braun – guitar
Jim Müller – guitar
Steffen Haile – bass
Andi Schnitzer – drums


(0) Unleashes Intense Official Video for “Skarntyder” | Watch NOW!

Taken From Debut Album SkamHan | Buy HERE!
[Photo Credit: Gaia Micatovich Photography]
The best-kept secret of the Danish underground -
A hallucinating Progressive Black Metal offering
Progressive black metal enigma (0) starts off 2021 with an intense official video for their single “Skarntyder”, taken from their debut album, SkamHan, released in April 2020 via Napalm Records.

The video leads straight into the pit of a sweaty concert hall, filled with intensity and bursting energy. In front of an electrified crowd, the Danish wrecking machine bursts of dedication and will. It states clear that (0) is more than ready to deliver their colossal and brutish live performances all over the world. There is a lot to expect from this monster, once unleashed!

Brutal riffs and forcing drums, followed by an unmistakably grim guitar solo - “Skarntyder” sets the story of people who as children are branded as difficult and weak, and thus scorned by society, to music. The imaginary Danish word “Skarntyder” describes a person that points out and brands a person that misbehaves or doesn’t fit in. FJ’s dark growls paired with an intense and exhilarating atmosphere round off the song in perfect harmony and pull the listener even farther into their somber void.

Watch the energetically bursting official video for “Skarntyder” below!

The band states:
“In 2020 we released our debut album SkamHan, and we learned that releasing an album during a worldwide pandemic significantly changes your plans. On March 11th 2020 final cut and edit for the Skarntyder video started, and on the same night Denmark was shut down, leaving the video in an unfinished state that we were not willing to release.

Today we are thrilled to finally release the video for Skarntyder, the 2nd single from SkamHan. The video was shot by Michael Panduro and Rasmus G. Sejersen. Edit and post production was done by Rasmus G. Sejersen.

Skarntyder is a frantic track about a person who is branded as weak or difficult. Someone who doesn't fit in. The track has quickly become a band favorite when playing live, as the energy and desperation from the track really comes to life when performing it live. Playing it feels like running downhill, on the verge of tumbling over. Hopefully we will get to play it live a lot more in 2021 than in 2020. Enjoy!
Watch “Skarntyder” HERE:
In rousing dark euphoria, (0) lifts the veil for their debut album, SkamHan, a lucid dream wrapped in growling dark melancholia. Seven explosive and oppressive tracks presented in a frenzied mania blossom into a hallucinating mixture of black, drone and post metal spiced with intense sludge and progressive influences. The opening track, “Tyndere End Hud”, infatuates with intoxicating riffs and forceful growls, drawing its listener into a dark vortex. Pain and gloomy nothingness dominate the luminous expanse of SkamHan and symbolize the extreme soundscapes in an opus of darkness. The eponymous track crucially grows to a cathartic, vibrating atmosphere and ruptures in energetic parts due to agonized, bloodcurdling growls. The atmospheric expansiveness of the final track, “Alle Renses”, reminds that the routes of (0) remain labyrinthine. The elusive quintet bites the ear of the listener and drips with blackened obscurity.
Get your copy of SkamHan NOW:
[Artwork by: Funch Creative]
SkamHan track listing:
1. Tyndere End Hud
2. Sjælstjæler
3. Skarntyder
4. Rød Glorie
5. Sortfugl
6. SkamHan
7. Alle Renses

SkamHan is available in the following formats:
  • CD Digipak
  • Gatefold Black Vinyl
  • Digital Album
(0) are:
Vocals: FJ
Guitar: JU
Guitar: MA
Bass: MC
Drums: JJ

Connect with (0):

Melodic Death Metal Outfit LIVLØS Signs Worldwide Contract with Napalm Records & Napalm Events

New Album from Danish Quintet to be Released in 2021
[Photo Credit: Nikolaj Bransholm]
We proudly welcome burgeoning melodic death metal force LIVLØS
to the Napalm Records family!
Since forming in 2014, LIVLØS have rapidly made their mark on the Danish metal scene through energetic and enthralling live performances, as well as reputable releases and appearances, including COPENHELL, EUROSONIC and SPOT FESTIVAL. Determined and efficient, LIVLØS have proven why they are among Denmark's most promising metal bands. Today, Napalm Records is proud to announce that LIVLØS has signed a worldwide record deal, in addition to signing with in-house booking agency Napalm Events!

LIVLØS on signing with Napalm Records:
"We are immensely proud to sign with such a great label as Napalm Records, as well as Napalm Events and Iron Avantgarde Publishing! The label alone has provided us with multiple records that have essentially aided in shaping the sound of LIVLØS over the years - and even before the band was started! We look forward to a long and prosperous adventure with our new family and to taking the LIVLØS name even further!"

Thorsten Harm, Booking Agent at Napalm Events on signing LIVLØS to Napalm Events:
"Since I was running into LIVLØS’ manager at the legendary Prime Collective Christmas Party in Copenhagen in late 2018, I kept an eye on this promising band. In the last few years they worked hard and were developping succesfully in their home country. Now it’s time for them to move on and explore international territories. I’m excited to represent them as a booking agent from now and can’t wait to get them on the road once the pandemic is over."
Watch the music video for their latest single “Rot & Ruin” HERE:
LIVLØS (translates to ‘lifeless’) performs melodic death metal, merging grandiose Scandinavian melodies and melancholy with intense American-rooted death metal, putting a unique spin on bands like AT THE GATES, CARCASS and DEATH.

The band is currently working on their explosive, hard-hitting 2021 release, ready to take their career to the next level with Napalm Records!

Niklas Lykke (vocals)
Franz Posch (guitar)
Kenneth Breinbjerg (guitar)
Søren Frambo (bass)
Thomas Dannemand (drums)

LIVLØS online:
Click HERE or below to check out the #NapalmSofaSeries - exclusive streaming performances and interactive content such as Q&A's, playthroughs and more -
from our bands to your home!
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