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UK Alt-Metal Unit VEXED Releases Exciting New Single +
Music Video, “Misery”, Watch

Vicious Debut Album, Culling Culture, out May 21, 2021
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[photo credit: Andy Ford]

“This is a must watch band of 2021.”

VEXED are a brute prog-deathcore hybrid that flattens everything - somewhere between Meshuggah, Periphery and Thy Art Is Murder. Fresh, emotional and extreme in every respect!”
- EMP (GER) -

“... a volatile and exciting prospect on the UK metal scene"

“Anger and disgust may be the most relatable human emotion on the Earth right now, which VEXED bottled, distilled and consumed undiluted at casket strength potency..."

Fast-rising UK based upstarts VEXED have been checking off boxes as the next big name in aggressive-yet-progressive modern metal, and have just released one of their most ruthless offerings yet: the gut-punching, absorbing third single “Misery”. The standout single is cut from the band’s upcoming album, Culling Culture, out May 21 via Napalm Records.

On their third offering, the four-piece fluctuates between grooving, ethereal leads and destructive, airtight riffs, technically adept drumming and vocalist Megan Targett’s undeniably dynamic, haunting vocal power. As their new music video clearly refers to absolution via its striking visual content, the track’s lyrics reflect a reckoning with the past, mirroring the intensely personal themes of the upcoming album.

VEXED on the new single:
“Anxiety is a demon powerful enough to posses anyone and can leave the strongest of us feeling helpless. “Misery” is an inner monologue of an anxiety riddled mind constantly overanalysing and catastrophising. Taking inspiration from a spectrum of genres, this track is a true musical representation of how drastically our thoughts can change from one moment to the next, often ending in confusion and “Misery”.”

Watch the new official music video for “MiseryHERE:


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Facing very personal experiences, Culling Culture is a tribute to hate, betrayal and anger, whilst also reflecting post-modern society with strikingly honest songwriting and heavy groove. Moreover, for as confident as they are musically, VEXED is as poignant lyrically.

Unrelenting lead vocalist Megan Targett’s vicious vocal assault blending venomously low growls, soaring cleans and razor-sharp rap-like deliveries (see “Fake” and “Weaponise”) is backed by the pure technical proficiency of bandmates Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums), Jay Bacon (guitar) and Al Harper (bass). The warning instrumental “Ignorant” prefaces the record’s menacing atmosphere and provides a flawless basis for smashing wakeup call “Hideous” and fiery, threatening tracks “Fake” and “Narcissist”. Ghostly “Aurora” and disrespectfully heavy album-closer “Lazarus” showcase Targett’s multi-faceted clean vocal delivery while clashing otherworldly auras with resonating, melodic rhythms. “Epiphany” blends both, offering a bold message of moving past self-loathing, while superciliously weighty offering “Weaponise” seethes between violent hatred and ambient darkness.

Culling Culture Tracklisting:
01. Ignorant
02. Hideous
03. Fake
04. Epiphany
05. Misery
06. Narcissist
07. Weaponise
08. Purity
09. Drift
10. Aurora
11. Lazarus

Culling Culture will be available in the following formats:
  • 1-CD Digipack
  • 1-LP Gatefold Vinyl BLACK
  • 1-LP Gatefold Vinyl ORANGE TRANSPARENT (strictly limited to 100 copies)
  • 1-CD Digipack + Shirt Bundle
  • Digital Album

[1-LP Gatefold Vinyl ORANGE TRANSPARENT (strictly limited to 100 copies)]

VEXED are:
Megan Targett - vocals
Jay Bacon - guitar
Willem Mason-Geraghty - drums
Al Harper - bass

VEXED online:
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Hard Rock Virtuosos BOMBER sign worldwide record deal with Napalm Records!

The Swedish four-piece is already working on new music


Photo Credit: Mikey Lennartsson

Welcome BOMBER to the Napalm Records family!

Napalm Records is proud to announce the outstanding hard rock outfit BOMBER as their newest signing! Since the release of the debut EP “Arrival” in 2017, the four-piece from Malmö, Sweden has been making waves and turning heads with their unique blend of hard and classic rock, combined with catchy hooks and top-notch guitar solos. BOMBER’s hard rock feel is paired with a sense for crisp, modern rock production, resulting in them being one of the most exciting bands to keep an eye out in the genre!

Fans of bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, IRON MAIDEN and DEF LEPPARD should definitely be excited for what’s to come from BOMBER in the near future – the debut album is already in the works!

Watch the Music Video for “Come Tomorrow” HERE:
BOMBER about signing to Napalm Records:
"We are very excited to become a part of the great Napalm Records! As we lay down the finishing touches on our debut album we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this mighty label and can't wait for everyone to hear our new music. Beware the nocturnal creatures..."

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Muench about signing BOMBER:
“It is very seldom these days that you receive "demos" of a new band that you have never heard about and intstantly fall in love with there music, image and overall vision! Swedens Bomber is simply amazing and I can´t wait to release their debut album.”
Love Andersson: Bass  
Anton Sköld: Vocals & Guitars
Rasmus Grahn: Drums & Backup Vocals
Max Huddén: Guitars & Backup Vocals

BOMBER online:


Stoner Rock Shamans MONSTER MAGNET Offer Their Take on Dust’s “Learning To Die” | Listen HERE

New Covers Album, A Better Dystopia, Out May 21, 2021
via Napalm Records |
Pre-Order HERE


Napalm Records is pleased to present the next chapter in psychedelic rock icons MONSTER MAGNET’s rabbit hole deep dive, A Better Dystopia (out May 21, 2021): a delightfully (and psychotically) curated collection of 60’s and 70’s proto-metal and late-era psych obscurities covered by the heavy New Jersey legends themselves.

While the album marks a new frontier for MONSTER MAGNET as their first covers record, this is not your typical set of standards released to pass time. A Better Dystopia sees the band pay homage to some of their favorite songs of all time, while reflecting on the paranoia, dystopia and revolution of both now – and then.

Today, fans can get a second glimpse into the album with a video of the band’s cover of classic Dust track, “Learning To Die.”

Of the song selection, frontman Dave Wyndorf says:
‘Learning To Die’ blew me away when I was 15 and it still blows me away. Man, do I LOVE to sing this song. Dust was one of the greats."

Watch the new official video for “Learning To Die” HERE

Dave Wyndorf says about the birth of A Better Dystopia:
“We all agreed that we would be bored out of our minds within a month of lockdown. MONSTER MAGNET loves the road. It’s a lifestyle. So, I considered our options. Rather than panhandle on the internet, hawking masks and Zoom-rocking practice sessions for dollars, I suggested we record a “bunker record”. A total DIY affair (band only) recorded and mixed in Bob Pantella’s small but potent Freak Shop Studios/rehearsal space right here in New Jersey. But what to record?

I didn’t feel much like writing, but working on anything was better than watching the news as hospitals filled up, people died, and American politics went bat-shit crazy. The world roared “Dystopia! Apocalypse! Revolution!”. I’d heard those words before, and they brought to mind my childhood in the late 60’s/early 70’s… and the music… and short playlist of songs (just one of many) that I’d been carrying around with me on my whatever device to listen to before shows. Of course, these tunes have also been in my head for more or less my whole life. These were not the popular hits of the time. This was like a playlist from the 4th dimension… strange bits of musical obscurity, mostly dredged up from that inglorious and freaky “twilight zone” time that preceded Arena Rock, Heavy Metal, Reggae and Disco. A no-man’s land of hard rock that still had remnants of psychedelia and garage punk but had abandoned any notion of “flower power” or frat house fun. And of course, they rocked.

Yeah, these songs were it.”

Wyndorf is at the top of his game on A Better Dystopia, delivering each lyric in his own inimitable style, and musicians Phil Caivano, Bob Pantella, Garrett Sweeney and Alec Morton own the sound – vintage and old school, dense and heavy, with searing fuzz leads and pounding bass and drums all played in a deft style that's almost been lost in modern music. The album opens with “The Diamond Mine”, as Dave Wyndorf recites a classic monologue by Dave Diamond, an American radio DJ whose programs in the late 60’s and early 70’s helped popularize many psychedelic and acid rock bands. At this point the real trip begins, as the opening chords of the Hawkwind classic “Born To Go” gear up for launch. Tracks like standout “Mr. Destroyer” (Poo-Bah) spur visions of some untold Freak revolution – or perhaps dinosaurs battling on a burning planet at the end of time – creating a perfect blend of hard rock and psychedelia. Feverish “Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)” (Table Scraps) is pure punk fury of the old school tradition, evoking a cross between Iggy Pop and Motörhead as Wyndorf wails "I'm gonna drive it straight to HELL!" Falling even further down the mind-bending rabbit hole, Magnet offers their stunning, whirlwind take on the often-overlooked hard rock classic "Learning To Die" (Dust) and a masterful version the Stooges meets Goth epic, "Solid Gold Hell" (The Scientists). The album closes with a bonus nuclear cover of Morgen’s “Welcome To The Void”, inviting you to restart the ride again and again.

Pre-Order A Better Dystopia HERE
2LP Gatefold Cuaracao (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 300)
A Better Dystopia tracklisting:
1. The Diamond Mine
2. Born to Go
3. Epitaph for a Head
4. Solid Gold Hell       
5. Be Forewarned      
6. Mr. Destroyer        
7. When the Wolf Sits
8. Death         
9. Situation    
10. It’s Trash  
11. Motorcycle (Straight to Hell)       
12. Learning to Die    
13. Welcome to the Void - Bonus Track

A Better Dystopia will be available in North America in the following formats:
- Digital Album
- 4 page CD Digipack
- 4 page CD Digipack + Patch (Napalm mailorder only)
- 2LP Gatefold Black   
- 2LP Gatefold Pink Transparent (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 300) SOLD OUT
- 2LP Gatefold Cuaracao (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 500) NEW!
- 2LP Gatefold Purple (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 300) NEW!
- 2LP Gatefold Glow In The Dark (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 200) SOLD OUT
- Limited Die Hard Edition: 2LP Gatefold Neon Green/Black Splatter + Slipmat (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 200) SOLD OUT  

Can’t get enough MONSTER MAGNET? Pre-orders are now available for limited edition vinyl represses of both Mindfucker and Mastermind in the Napalm Records store! Visit HERE to order your copies before they’re gone.
[Photo Credit: Gonzales Photo/Per-Otto Oppi/Alamy Live News]
Dave Wyndorf - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Caivano - Guitar
Garret Sweeny - Guitar
Alec Morton - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums


Extreme Wizard Metal Supergroup WIZARDTHRONE Releases New Single + Video “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia” | Watch HERE

New Album, Hypercube Necrodimensions, out July 16 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order HERE


[Photo Credit: Triumph 3 Obliterator-XXT, Tina Korhonen, Randy Edwards,
Ann-Marie Bell, Bryce Chapman]

WIZARDTHRONE is an otherworldly Extreme Wizard Metal
force of cosmic dimensions!

Behold! Arise! Vast distances from Earth’s dimension, in a galaxy millions of light-years away, the WIZARDTHRONE resurges! Traversing vivid sci-fi multiverses in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft via comprehensively established technical death, power and symphonic black metal, Hypercube Necrodimensions (out July 16 via Napalm Records) is a bombastic journey through hyperspace and otherworldly realities. Featuring members of ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER, AETHER REALM, FORLORN CITADEL, NEKROGOBLIKON and more, the musical brilliance of WIZARDTHRONE is absolutely undeniable.

Today, the Extreme Wizard Metal powerhouse has released the first single and video from Hypercube Necrodimensions! With orchestral, rich and dramatic production, WIZARDTHRONE sets the stage with “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia”, pulling the listener into the vibrant multiverse of Hypercube Necrodimensions. Spectacular melodic death riffs meet dynamic synth-lines and airtight blast beats – only a glimpse of what can be expected from the triumphant full-length album!

Watch the music video for “Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia” HERE:

WIZARDTHRONE’s Guitarist/Songwriter M. Archistrategos Barber says:
After months of ceaseless work behind closed doors and against overwhelming odds we're proud to finally unleash 'Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia'! This is just a taste of our debut full-length record, 'Hypercube Necrodimensions' - a multifaceted and unpredictable tour de force through the entire universe of heavy metal and beyond. Bear witness to the birth of Extreme Wizard Metal!”

Featuring guest appearances from Aleksi Munter (SWALLOW THE SUN/INSOMNIUM), Florian Magnus Maier (DARK FORTRESS/ALKALOID) and Evan Berry (WILDERUN), Hypercube Necrodimensions is a spectacular display of WIZARDTHRONE’s musical finesse, constantly pushing the boundaries of heavy metal and thus offering a one-of-a-kind extreme wizard metal listening experience!

Hypercube Necrodimensions will be available on digipack CD bundled with an exclusive Shirt and as a black gatefold LP, as well as marbled curacao/green vinyl (limited to 300) and as a digital album.

Hypercube Necrodimensions
marbled curacao/green vinyl (limited to 300)
Hypercube Necrodimensions
CD+T-Shirt Bundle

Pre-Order Hypercube Necrodimensions HERE:


V. Morbistopheles Jones // Vincent "Jake" Jones (AETHER REALM) - Bass/Lead Vocals
M. Archistrategos Barber // Mike Barber (GLORYHAMMER, DEATHCODE SOCIETY
) - Guitar/Vocals
M. Xaviculus Bell // Matthew Bell (FORLORN CITADEL
) - Guitar
C. Hyperiax Bowes // Chris Bowes (ALESTORM
) - Keys/Narration
E. Wizardthrone Brown // Eric Brown (NEKROGOBLIKON, VALE OF PNATH
) - Drums



VAN CANTO veröffentlichen neue Single und offizielles Musikvideo zu
Falling Down” | HIER anschauen!

To The Power Of Eight erscheint am 4. Juni 2021 via Napalm Records,  
JETZT vorbestellen!

[photo credit: Tim Tronckoe]

Die legendären deutschen A-Cappella-Metal-Meister VAN CANTO kehren mit furioser, energiegeladener Rakkatakka-Kraft zurück und veröffentlichen am 4. Juni 2021 ihr achtes Studioalbum, To The Power Of Eight, via Napalm Records. Daraus präsentieren die Vocal-Pioniere heute die neue Single, “Falling Down”, inklusive eines mitreißenden Musikvideos!

Seit 2006 befeuert die Formation die Metal-Welt mit ihrer unnachahmlichen, berauschenden Sangeskunst und hat damit zugleich einem ganz neuen Genre den Weg geebnet. Auch “Falling Down” geht voll auf Kurs und präsentiert sich als heroische Power-Metal-Hymne, die keinen Nackenmuskel unbewegt lässt. Für To The Power Of Eight haben VAN CANTO alte Bande neu geknüpft und sich wieder mit Philip Dennis "Sly" Schunke zusammengetan, der bereits auf den ersten sechs Alben als Leadsänger tätig war. Nun is Sly, neben Inga Scharf und Hagen Hirschmann, auf allen zwölf Tracks als dritter Sänger und Special Guest zu hören.

VAN CANTO zur neuen Single, “Falling Down”:
"'Falling Down' ist ein wahres Kraftpaket, eine Komposition mit starkem Vocal-Riffing, traumhaften Harmonien und einem dramatischen Arrangement. Der Text beschreibt den zeitlosen Moment der Kreativität, wenn du spürst, wie eine Melodie in dein Gehirn eindringt, um sich dann in Musik zu materialisieren.

Wir haben unseren Fokus auf alle Details in den Gesangsarrangements gelegt, die Slys heroische Leadstimme mit Hagens rauer Kraft und Ingas epischer Geschmeidigkeit wie ein Achterknoten verbinden. 'Falling Down' vereint VAN CANTOs Markenzeichen und erweckt sie durch die Kombination aus Rock'n'Roll-Feeling, einem grandiosen Video-Setting und natürlich die vereinte Kraft aller Beteiligten zum Leben! Das Musikvideo ist durch all das inspiriert, was Robert Naumann in unseren vorherigen Videos geschaffen hat. Wir lieben und vermissen dich, Robs!“

Erlebe HIER das Video zur neuen Single „Falling Down“:

A-Cappella-Metal in Höchstform!

Wenn die volle Vocal-Power lauter röhrt als jede Gitarre, dann können nur VAN CANTO ihre Stimmbänder im Spiel haben! Seit dem Debut, A Storm To Come (2006) liefern die Donnerstimmen stets neue, musikalische Überraschungen ab und beweisen, dass Metal auch ohne dröhnende Riffs verdammt heavy sein kann! Im Zuge ihres letzten Albums, Trust In Rust, hat die deutsche Ausnahme-Combo das Lineup überarbeitet und umfasst seitdem sieben feste Mitglieder.

VAN CANTO zum neuen Album:
Nach 15 Jahren Bandgeschichte mit To the Power of Eight ein Album präsentieren zu können, bei dem sich drei Leadsänger die Mikrophone in die Hand geben, macht uns unheimlich stolz. Durch Corona hatten wir ungefragt viel Zeit und Ruhe und haben alle Energie in die Kompositionen, die Arrangements und die Produktion gesteckt. So wurden dann auch aus dem geplanten einen Song mit Sly als Gast zwölf Songs mit drei Leadsängern. Wenn wir auf die Frage 'Wie klingt eigentlich VAN CANTO?' ein Album als Antwort nennen dürften, würden wir To the Power of Eight nehmen.“

Sichere Dir Dein Exemplar von VAN CANTOs neuem Album,
To The Power Of Eight, JETZT!

Von eigenen, das Gaspedal bis zum Anschlag durchdrückenden Tracks, wie dem aufbrausenden „Dead By The Night", dem heroischen „Heads Up High" oder der herzerwärmenden Mid-Tempo-Nummer „Turn Back Time", bis hin zu hymnischen Heavy-Metal-Covern wie Amon Amarths „Raise Your Horns", Iron Maidens „Run To The Hills" oder AC/DCs „Thunderstruck": Den Künstlern gelingt es stets mühelos, jedem Stück einen individuellen Stempel in unverkennbarer VAN CANTO-Manier zu verpassen.

To The Power Of Eight steht für viele Jahre Bandgeschichte und ein erfahrenes Kollektiv, dass mehrere Top-50-Platzierungen in den deutschen Albumcharts vorweisen kann und zahlreiche Shows rund um den Globus und auf Festivals wie 70k Tons Of Metal, Wacken und Masters of Rock gespielt hat. Gleichzeitig offenbart das achte Werk aber nach wie vor eine Truppe innovativer Visionäre des A-Cappella-Metal, die weit davon entfernt ist, sich auf dem bisher Erreichten auszuruhen.

To The Power Of Eight tracklist:
1. To the Power of Eight
2. Dead by the Night
3. Faith Focus Finish
4. Falling Down
5. Heads Up High
6. Raise Your Horns
7. Turn Back Time
8. Run to the Hills
9. Hardrock Padlock
10. Thunderstruck
11. From the End
12. I Want It All

To The Power Of Eight wird in folgenden Formaten erhältlich sein:
- 1 LP Gatefold
- 1 CD Digipac
- Digitales Album


Hagen Hirschmann - Lead Vocals
Inga Scharf - Lead Vocals
Ross Thompson - Higher Rakkatakka Vocals
Stefan Schmidt - Lower Rakkatakka Vocals
Jan Moritz - Pad und Backing Vocals
Ingo Sterzinger - Bass and Backing Vocals
Bastian Emig - Drums and Backing Vocals

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