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JINJER Wraps Groundbreaking European Tour

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[photo credit: Lenny Van Dijk]

After dropping one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year, Wallflowers - which topped the charts worldwide by achieving #1 and top 10 rankings in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and beyond - JINJER wasted no time hitting the road in Europe, once again proving that if there is a chance to tour- even in these strange times, that JINJER will do almost anything (legally!) to give their fans a show to remember.

This European Tour, together with French metalists Hypno5e and Napalm Records labelmates SPACE OF VARIATIONS, was not only JINJER's first tour since Covid-19 put a stop to everything, but for many local promoters, venues and fans alike – it was the first international tour to hit their cities since March 2020, and served as a beacon to the music community that touring is indeed possible, if you take a few calculated risks.

The band stated to fans on social media:
"EU TOUR IS OVER! Wow, what a tour this was! For JINJER, as well as our brothers in Hypno5e and Space Of Variations, this run was important on so many different levels. For one, we were one of the first tours to cross borders since the pandemic started - and many shows we were the first full capacity shows for promoters and clubs since then as well, or the first metal shows, or the first shows you got to watch standing up with very little restrictions - and not to mention our very first tour since March 2020! This tour was hard for all involved, but it was 200% worth it. For all other bands wondering if they should move their tours to 2022… please do not - the clubs, the promoters, the local crews, the caterers, the local bands and especially the fans NEED you to play this year and make things normal again! If we can do it then you probably can as well… Thanks to each and every single one of you that came out to these shows - we made a small piece of history together!!! PS: COMING TO AMERICA TOUR 2021 IS UP NEXT!!"

Check out the attached tour impressions below!

JINJER are currently filming their next single and gearing up for their massive North American Tour together with Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti.
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[album artist: Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design]
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You can find more formats and specials, as well as new merch in the JINJER merch shop HERE!

JINJER's exceptional precision of modern metal paired with tough as nails attitude has earned them a fiercely loyal, rabid fanbase and massive critical acclaim, making JINJER one of the most talked about bands today and garnering them many sold out performances across the globe.

Since announcing Wallflowers, the band has graced numerous renowned international magazine covers, booked the biggest stories, sold out countless tour dates and their first two new singles, "Vortex" and "Mediator", both cracked the multi-million stream mark in no time. The new album not only presents a methodical and premeditated next step in the band's already imposing career, but moreover, it mirrors the personal adversities they’ve faced due to the worldwide events of the last year. Wallflowers is not only an upgrade to the progressive groove metal sound that all JINJER fans crave, but also a sonic pressure cooker of technical musicianship, emotional fury and an intense soundtrack befitting the harrowing state of the world today. Hailing from the conflict-ridden Ukrainian region of Donetsk but now calling Kiev their home base, JINJER truly do not mince words – or riffs – on Wallflowers.
Dive into the exceptional sonic universe of JINJER and re-watch all
videos from Wallflowers:

“With WALLFLOWERS, the Ukrainian band, who musically buzz around somewhere between metalcore, djent, groove and death metal, goes to the next level.”

- GER -
"JINJER present probably one of their most important albums"

- Distorted Sound UK -
"JINJER position themselves as one of the most outspoken metal bands on the planet"

"Simultaneously mesmeric and ear-splittingly apocalyptic"

“... one of the finest – and most important – metal releases of 2021."

“This band continues to impress and they deserve all the praise that they can get.”

“Never mind the hype, JINJER are obviously brilliant, and Wallflowers is an ambitious and creatively honest modern metal record that we can all believe in.”

“Wallflowers is a progressive masterpiece that further cements the fact that JINJER are one of most exciting acts in the current metal scene.”

JINJER’s most aggressive and melancholy album to date”

Tatiana Shmayluk - Vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov - Guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov - Bass
Vlad Ulasevich - Drums

JINJER online:



German Post-Rock Quintet THERE’S A LIGHT Announce Impassioned New Studio Album, f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope?

Out December 10, 2021 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order Starts NOW!

Watch/Listen to Official Video and First Single “Elpis” HERE!

[photo credit: Nicolas Kuri]

Just recently, German post-rock/experimental quintet THERE'S A LIGHT inked a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records. Now, the promising discovery announces its second album f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? for release on December 10, 2021. With their symbiosis of ambient post-rock, THERE'S A LIGHT create an atmospheric, multi-layered soundscape, setting a trance-like state of mind. Some of the eleven stirring songs are underlined by soulful, carefully placed vocals and everything earthly seems to fade away when the hauntingly beautiful sounds envelops the listener in all-consuming atmosphere.

Today, the Black Forest post-rockers offer a first glimpse of their upcoming second full-length by unveiling the passionate first single, "Elpis", alongside a breathtaking music video. “Elpis” invites the listener on a journey into a dreamy experience that comes close to an out-of-body experience. The sporadic presence of Andreas Richau's gentle voice seems to become one with the spherical cascades of sound and resembles a falling raindrop hitting the ocean, there to blur into infinity.

THERE’S A LIGHT on Elpis”:
We’re excited! Not only because this is our first single of the new album but because this is our first music video ever!

This song is about Elpis, the personification and spirit of hope in ancient Greece. We put it into another context and wrote a new story. Hope can lead you to false ends, but they were probably there from the start - you just couldn’t see them. To overcome these obstacles is the message of the song, which usually only works if there is hope left."

Watch the new music video for Elpis HERE:
Thematically, on f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? THERE’S A LIGHT take a deeper look at the question of the true meaning of hope as well as at the different facets of it: On the one hand, hope can be something positive - a flourishing force that always gives a new impulse to grow beyond oneself. On the other hand, it can also do harm, for example, if one holds on to something that will never become reality.

The radiant album opener "...The Storm Will Set The Sails" immediately enchants with its shimmering melody and great arrangements, while the following "Within The Tides" presents a more dramatic, progressive touch with impressive technique and rhythm. The driving "Like The Earth Orbits Sun" is one of the tracks that features bassist Andreas Richau's captivating, emotional vocals, along with the multi-faceted exclamation point "Elpis" and spherical "Be Brave, Fragile Heart". "Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead" and "Appearance Of Earth" open up another spectrum of sound and expand the cosmos with the passionate cello playing of guest musician Akito Goto. The grand finale "Even In The Darkest Place..." weaves powerful instrumentation with dreamy moments into a harmonious overall construct, once again underscoring a hypnotic post-rock experience in the style of bands like God Is An Astronaut, Russian Circles and Sigur Ros.

THERE’S A LIGHT on the new album:
"So, we asked ourselves what hope stands for and what it means to us. We had a lot of conversations within the band about the good but also the bad aspects of hope and our experiences with it.

And we got answers and inspiration by history and philosophy. Like Kant who has
extremely positive views on this topic - hope is necessity for human existence, it’s not seen by him as a personal but collective thing. This is where the album title came from.

The whole process of creating this album really took us on a journey and we found new ways to express our thoughts and feelings with our music. We took a few trips to France and wrote songs together in a cabin, but we also had to write a lot of parts simultaneously, since we are not living in one city any more. We had the chance to work together with new lovely people but we also reconnected with old partners in crime.

All in all it wasn’t an easy journey, but now we made it and are happy and proud to finally release this album with Napalm Records!"

Get your copy of f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? NOW!
f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? tracklist:
1. ...The Storm Will Set the Sails
2. Within the Tides
3. Magnolia
4. Like the Earth Orbits Sun
5. Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead
6. Refugium
7. Elpis
8. Fear Keeps Pace with Hope
9. Be Brave, Fragile Heart
10. Appearance of Earth
11. Even in the Darkest Place...

f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what must we hope? will be available in the following formats:
- Digipack
- 2LP Gatefold Black
- 2LP Gatefold in Marbled Curacao/Black (limited to 100 copies worldwide)
- 2LP Gatefold in Ocean Blue (limited to 300 copies worldwide)
- Digital Full Length Album
[2LP Gatefold in Marbled Curacao/Black]
Jonas Obermüller – piano, synth percussion
David Christmann – guitar
Markus Dold – guitar
Andreas Richau – vocals, bass
Jan Lüftner – drums

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Black/Epic Metal Pioneers DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED Release New Single and Video for Thrilling “Murktide and Midnight Sun” | Watch HERE!

New Album, Angel of Carnage Unleashed, out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

[photo credit: Antti Ilvonen]

After the black/epic metal pioneers DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED reemerged from the depths of doom after a 23-year dormancy with their first single “In Evil, Sickness and in Grief” off the upcoming album, Angel of Carnage Unleashed (out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records), the Finnish foursome takes it up a notch with their thrilling second single, “Murktide and Midnight Sun”!

The original line-up of DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED has rejoined forces, now augmented by Tuomas Holopainen as a full member of the band and Kai Hahto (both of Nightwish) as session drummer. “Murktide and Midnight Sun” showcases the epic, folk and Viking elements that are characteristic of the band’s sound. With a blend of Pasi Kankkunen's clean warrior vocals, majestic choirs, heavy guitar riffs and Kai Hahto’s pounding drums, DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED present a hymn of true black epic metal!

DARWOODS MY BETROTHED on their new single:
“It was very important for us when choosing the singles off the new album to demonstrate the versatility of our sound: how we can put forward a blasting black metal carnage with tortured shrieks and follow that up with an epic anthem with clean vocals – and the two songs definitely sound like the same band. Epic songs and clean vocals have always been part of our trademark sound and “Murktide and Midnight Sun” is absolutely one of the finest and catchiest epic anthems that we have recorded.”

Watch the new lyric video for "Murktide and Midnight Sun” HERE!
Angel of Carnage Unleashed contains eight songs written by the three musicians who founded the band in 1993: Pasi Kankkunen, Jouni Mikkonen and Teemu Kautonen (with substantial creative inputs from the fourth member Tuomas Holopainen). It sets free a unique blend of brutal, fast-driven black metal and epic anthems, in which eerie screams merge with heroic clean vocals, monumental choirs and majestic keyboards along with gory stories of famine, war, plague and the inescapable brutality of Finland’s nature in the era of the Great Northern War (1700-1721). It explores how Finns experienced the many manifestations of the Angel of Carnage, sent by God to punish them for their sins.

Guitarist Jouni Mikkonen on Tuomas Holopainen now being a full member of the band:
“‘Tuomas was featured as a session keyboardist on all previous albums. This time he was fully on board from the moment we decided to make this album and hence it was natural for him to become a full band member. He also made a substantial contribution to the creative process.”
Pre-order your copy of Angel of Carnage Unleashed NOW!
The album opener “Name the Dead'' sets off with atmospheric organ tunes but leaves no scope for weakness, as only a few seconds later storming drums, aggressive riffs and raging growls set the stage for everything that is about to come: brutal soundscapes spliced with epic accents! The second track, "In Evil, Sickness and in Grief'', pierces through the core with a poisoning vocal attack and contrasting operatic female background layers, followed by the heavily stomping “You Bitter Source of Sorrow” and “Where We Dwell” with its haunting, all-consuming keyboard passages. “In Thrall to Ironskull's Heart” showcases the multifaceted character of DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED with an almost balladic start, which evolves into an uptempo, epic journey into the Battle of Napue (1714). The title of the penultimate track “Massacre” conveys the track’s musical direction with precision: expect in-your-face blastbeats and gory lyrics. The final song “Black Fog and Poison Wind” unleashes a sonic monster once more, combining aggression, haunting soundscapes and evil melodies, before Angel of Carnage Unleashed ends with the tunes of a soundtrack-like outro.

Bassist Teemu Kautonen on the album:
“The lyrics are based on the work of the renowned Finnish historian Teemu Keskisarja. His research inspired us both to carefully embed all lyrics in the appropriate historical context and to bring forth the human dimension by focusing on stories of individual people and how they experienced this perhaps darkest period of Finnish history.”

Vocalist/guitarist Pasi Kankkunen adds:
“’It was very important for us to have the original line-up on the comeback album. We also agreed right at the beginning of the process to share the songwriting in equal proportions – just as we did on the 1996 classic album, Autumn Roars Thunder.”

Angel of Carnage Unleashed track listing:
1. Name the Dead
2. In Evil, Sickness and in Grief
3. Murktide and Midnight Sun
4. You Bitter Source of Sorrow
5. Where We Dwell
6. In Thrall to Ironskull’s Heart
7. Massacre
8. Black Fog and Poison Wind
9. Outro

Angel of Carnage Unleashed will be available in the following formats:
12P Digipak
2LP Gatefold BLACK (Etching Side D)
2LP Gatefold Crystal Clear (Etching Side D) - limited to 300 copies worldwide
Digital Album
[2LP Gatefold Crystal Clear (Etching Side D) - limited to 300 copies worldwide (Napalm Mailorder ONLY)]
Pasi Kankkunen - vocals, guitar
Jouni Mikkonen - guitar
Teemu Kautonen - bass, backing vocals
Tuomas Holopainen - keyboards
Kai Hahto - drums (session)

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