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DEE SNIDER Reveals "Stand (for Ukraine)" Awareness Music Video, Launches World United Live Support Campaign

Watch the New Music Video Cut & Visit World United Live HERE

[Photo credit: Randy Frieder]
Legendary heavy metal vocalist DEE SNIDER recently announced his steadfast support of the people of Ukraine using Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" as their battle cry anthem, and within just days, became heavily involved at the forefront of World United Live. The platform operates with the goal of raising awareness that may otherwise be shielded from the Russian people, to digitally, simultaneously protest in support of Ukraine, and to eventually coordinate the world's largest aid concert to help them rebuild.

Today, in support of World United Live's initiatives and the people of Ukraine, DEE SNIDER released a brand new, re-worked music video for his Leave A Scar track "Stand", specially renamed "Stand (with Ukraine)". The video, featuring various pieces of current sourced footage, can be viewed here via now.

DEE SNIDER tells the story in his own words:
"About a month ago, someone on social media told me people in Ukraine were using Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" as a battle cry and asked if I was cool with it. Of course I was. My response elicited someone asking me why I was okay with Ukrainians using my song and not some other groups. I won't repeat my exact response (it was a bit political), but that tweet went internationally viral. Every news agency in the world suddenly wanted to talk to me.

At that very moment, some great people (who were all friends of mine) were hatching the idea for World United Live and asked me if I would spearhead the organization. How could I say no? Since then, we have been beating the drum for the free world to come together, not only in support of Ukraine and condemnation of Putin, but in sending a message to the Russian people that they are misinformed and not being told the truth. Now, with the help of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others, we are doing just that!

About a week ago, it hit me that the song "Stand" from my last Napalm Records album, Leave a Scar, fit the crisis in Ukraine perfectly... but I had already released a video for "Stand" recently.  Yet I just couldn't get around how well the lyrics resonated with Putin's attack on these innocent people. Ukraine was the furthest thing from my mind when I wrote the words for that song, yet it was like I had done just that. So, I had a couple of incredibly talented people (Scott Pitek and Steve Sage Goldberg) cut together a new video using some live concert footage and news clips. The result is devastating. Please watch and share "Stand (With Ukraine)" and join us at Help save the world. Together we can."

The message of World United Live can be supported by sharing, liking and following their pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
"Stand"/"Stand (with Ukraine)" Appears on
DEE SNIDER's latest album, Leave A Scar
DEE SNIDER Band Line-up:
Dee Snider - Vocals
Charlie Bellmore - Guitar & Background Vocals
Nick Bellmore - Drums
Russell Pzütto - Bass & Background Vocals
Nick Petrino - Guitar & Background Vocals


Metal Visionaries EVERGREY Release New Single “Midwinter Calls” + Mesmerizing Official Music Video | Watch HERE!

New Album, A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), out May 20, 2022 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

[photo credit: Patric Ullaeus]

"A dark melodic progressive masterpiece!"
Legacy (GER)

“A massive record”

"Already one of the hottest candidates for the title album of the year!”
Rock It! (GER)

“A tasteful melange of melancholic, catchy progressive metal and instantly igniting pop melodies with the guarantee to stuck in your head”
Guitar (GER)

After breaking the charts worldwide with Escape of the Phoenix (2021), Gothenburg’s finest export of darkness, EVERGREY, enters a bewildering new chapter with their new album, A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), out May 20, 2022 via Napalm Records.

With the previously released, pounding album opener “Save Us”, EVERGREY lifted the curtain on an overwhelming journey through progressive heaviness and searing emotionality. Today, glistening second single “Midwinter Calls” draws the listener further into this multifaceted world of sound with its grooving instrumentation, flowing between boisterous dynamics and a next level vocal performance by mastermind Tom S. Englund - one of the most distinctive vocalists in metal. The powerful track gleams with its melodic tunes and guitar riffs and marks just one out of many highlights of the new epos. The song features atmospheric audio recordings from the band’s latest tour through Sweden, giving the song a special effect and fans another opportunity to leave their everlasting mark on EVERGREY history.

“Midwinter Calls” is visually brought to live via a sophisticated, cinematic music video, filmed by Patric Ullaeus and conceptually connected to the storyline portrayed in the “Save Us” video, allowing the viewer to jump even deeper into the universe of A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament).

Evergrey on “Midwinter Calls”:
"'Midwinter Calls' is the second song but also the second chapter of a three-video story that reveals itself in a reverse order, why make it easy huh?

This song is full of energy and it's once again featuring our fans and the live audience of Gothenburg, Stockholm and Karlstad - Co-creating at its best!  We can't wait to hear the whole world singing along to this when we play it live!

Hopefully you will find the video both thought provoking and uplifting at the same time. What is important, who are we and why? The resistance is getting real!"

Watch the official music video for “Midwinter Calls” HERE:


A new era of EVERGREY: A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) is dark melodic metal mastery!

Celebrating over 25 years of metal mastery, EVERGREY, led by founder, singer and guitarist Tom S. Englund, are known for wandering the realms of progressive and heavy melodic metal and painting sonic renderings with their twelve studio records released as of today. A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), the follow-up to the unit’s highly successful 2021 full-length, Escape of the Phoenix (which landed at numerous chart positions worldwide), reveals a 10 track mélange of which every note, every riff and every word seeps pure poetry – creating a ceaseless intensity that mesmerizes from the very first second.

The new album was recorded at Top Floor Studios Gothenburg, engineered by Jakob Herrman and   produced by Tom S. Englund and Jonas Ekdahl, with mixing and mastering by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios (Volbeat, Destruction, Epica and many more), whereas the hauntingly beautiful album artwork was conjured by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design. Nakos is known for creating artworks for acts like Oceans Of Slumber, Amaranthe, The Agonist and The Crown as well as merchandise for Morbid Angel, Suffocation or Cryptopsy – just to name a few.

EVERGREY on the new album:
“Here it is! A new album! Yet again! This is what we love about music, it never ends! Our mission is to write music so here you are! 10 new songs! 10 new EVERGREY songs that we hope you will have by your side as your life continues to shift and grow. 10 songs that we wish will be part of the soundtrack when you're creating new memories and new possibilities in your life. 10 songs that we feel privileged to have you listen to. 10 songs that have risen through the ashes of two years where our creativity has had more time than ever to flourish.

10 songs we really hope you will enjoy as much as we did writing them. As usual we have given it our best and we can't wait to hear what you have to say! A new year, a new album, a new record label = new possibilities. All this can only be positive, right?


Tom, Jonas, Rikard, Johan & Henrik”

Get your copy of A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) NOW!

[Artwork by Giannis Nakos, Remedy Art Design]

A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) impresses with flawless, meticulous production that deftly depicts both heartfelt honesty and scorching metallic intensity, while its instrumental force of furious, technically driven riffs, skyrocketing solos and dramatic synths merges with the expert, brooding vocal performance of Englund. He skillfully balances harsh and heavy tones with an inarguably soulful approach, all topped by melancholic, thought-provoking lyricism that digs deeper with every spin, leaving a long-lasting impact. Songs like “Save Us” and “The Great Unwashed” draw the listener in with grooving instrumentation, while emotive “Wildfires” turns the volume down as a goosebump-worthy ballad that hurts and heals all at once. “Call Out The Dark” begins atmospherically with accented keys, suddenly evolving into an intense opus of symphonic and power metal attributes in the blink of an eye, whereas the record’s longest track, “The Orphean Testament”, impresses by revealing its heaviest facet. A sensitive introduction lures the listener into “Heartless”, and offers one of the album’s most engaging verses, followed by a hauntingly beautiful chorus and variety in pace to create a magnificent listening experience.

A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) tracklisting:
1. Save Us
2. Midwinter Calls
3. Ominous
4. Call Out the Dark
5. The Orphean Testament
6. Reawakening
7. The Great Unwashed
8. Heartless
9. Blindfolded

A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) will be available in the following formats:
Deluxe Box (incl. Canvas, Pendant, Liner Notes on Pergament Paper) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
2LP Gatefold “Die Hard” Marbled Red/Black (incl. Slipmat + 7inch (black) w/ 2 exclusive Bonus Tracks) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
2LP Gatefold Glow in the Dark – limited to 500 copies worldwide
2LP Gatefold Black
2LP Gatefold Gold  –  Band exclusive, limited to 300 copies worldwide
CD Digisleeve
Digital Album

[Deluxe Box (incl. Canvas, Pendant, Liner Notes on Pergament Paper) – limited to 500 copies worldwide]

A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) is a striking testament to the fact that while the Swedish five-piece doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone at this phase, they still impressively showcase that, after over 25 years of existence, their creativity sees no bounds – dropping yet another sensation within their impressive catalog!

Fans can  look forward to seeing EVERGREY live, as in 2022, the powerhouse will go on an extensive tour through Europe!

EVERGREY - European Tour 2022
+ special guest: Fractal Universe
+ Virtual Symmetry

16.09.22 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo
17.09.22 GB – London / 229 venue
18.09.22 GB – Nottingham / Rescue Rooms
19.09.22 GB – Bristol / Thekla
20.09.22 GB – Manchester / Academy 3
21.09.22 IE – Dublin / Voodoo Lounge
22.09.22 GB – Glasgow / Cathouse
23.09.22 GB – Newcastle / St Dom’s Social Club
24.09.22 GB – Birmingham / The Asylum 2
25.09.22 NL – Leiden / Gebr. De Nobel
27.09.22 DE – Bremen / Tivoli
28.09.22 DE – Stuttgart / Im Wizemann Club
29.09.22 DE – Berlin / Columbia Theater
30.09.22 DE – Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli
01.10.22 DE – Oberhausen / Resonanzwerk
02.10.22 DE – Lindau / Club Vaudeville
03.10.22 FR – Colmar / Le Grillen
04.10.22 DE – München / Backstage Halle
05.10.22 DE – Hannover / Faust
06.10.22 DE – Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal
07.10.22 BE – Vosselaar / Biebob
08.10.22 DE – Mannheim / 7er Club
09.10.22 SI – Ljubljana / Orto Bar
11.10.22 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra
12.10.22 AT – Graz / Dom im Berg
13.10.22 PL – Wroclaw / Akademia
14.10.22 AT – Wien / Viper Room
15.10.22 DE – Nürnberg / Hirsch
16.10.22 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof
17.10.22 CH – Luzern / Schüür
18.10.22 FR – Lyon / CCO Villeurbanne
19.10.22 ES – Barcelona / Boveda
20.10.22 ES – Madrid / Shoko
21.10.22 ES – Pamplona / Totem
22.10.22 FR – Toulouse / L'Usine
23.10.22 FR – Paris / Petit Bain

Get your ticket NOW!

Tom S. Englund - Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Danhage - Guitar
Rikard Zander - Keyboard
Jonas Ekdahl - Drums
Johan Niemann - Bass

EVERGREY online:
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Power Metal Space Warriors VICTORIUS Announce New Album & Reveal New Single “Dinos and Dragons” + Video | Watch/Listen HERE!

New Album, Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War, out June 24, 2022 via Napalm Records | Pre Order NOW!

[Photo Credit: Steffen Runke]

Prepare yourself for another battle of fantastical might with German power metal space warriors VICTORIUS! Leading the listener into a far-out world of myths, tales and battles with new allies to save mankind, their new album, Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War, merges the worlds of the band’s Dinosaur Warfare - Legend of the Power Saurus EP and previous album, Space Ninjas from Hell. This otherworldly amalgamation blends the thrilling plot of their new opus with grand storytelling, forcing you to wonder if you’re listening to an album, or experiencing the next huge blockbuster action hit, on record!

Out June 24, 2022 via Napalm Records, this adventurous ride sees the mighty dinosaurs rise again to fight against the evil space ninja clan Sunbladers. Led to the battleground by a magical mammoth, the laser dinosaurs unite their power on earth and in the sky to halt the ninja’s second try to enslave mankind!

Today, VICTORIUS deliver the album’s smashing first single, “Dinos and Dragons”! The track offers epic tunes and catchy, intense speed metal guitar solos that herald their next battle against the evil space ninja clan Sunbladers. Stay tuned for their next move in this ongoing feud!

VICTORIUS on “Dinos And Dragons”:
“Sharpen your sword and saddle your dinosaur! We´re proud to present you the first song and video from our upcoming new album! ‘Dinos and Dragons’ combines all trademarks VICTORIUS is known for: Speed, crushing guitars and an epic chorus that will get stuck in your head! As it continues the story of the dinosaurs as well as the space ninjas, we thought this is the perfect song to give you a first taste of what the new album is about! Also the great work of director Mirko Witzki and his team visualizes this song perfectly. As said, this is just a first taste. To be continued…”

Watch the music video for “Dinos and Dragons” HERE:


Two adventurous worlds of VICTORIUS collide on power metal apex Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War!

Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War sets off with a monumental introduction, cracking open this mystical world as it flows into “Victorious Dinogods”. The track initiates battle with relentless power metal as the mighty dinogods resurrect to protect mankind against the space ninja attack. Luckily, the dinogods don’t stand alone, as they are proudly joined in battle by the “Mighty Magic Mammoth”, awakened by a fiery comet. But wait, there are more brothers-in-arms (and songs) on their way – like “Jurassic Jetfighters”, “Triceps Ceratops” and “Tyrannosaurus Steel”. The three join forces to fight the ninjas and their fearsome dragon, as fabled on smashing track “Dinos and Dragons”, spiced with an intense guitar solo praising the tradition of speed metal with a remarkable virtuosity. A foreshadowing of what’s to come when the ninjas take command is described with “Katana Kingdom Rising”, setting off with stomping drums that lead to an anthemic chorus. Strong symphonic elements are witnessed on “God of Roar” as well as on the powerful track “Night of the Nuclear Ninja”, which tells the story of the space ninjas transforming into even deadlier, nuclear versions of themselves. This is when another grand figure joins the fold: the giant “Powerzord”, a mighty robot lord, who comes to the aid of the dinosaurs in battle with the aim of finally freeing mankind from the space ninja threat. Will the dinos and their brave supporters manage to prevent the nuclear ninja kingdom from rising? Find out on Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War – a roaring good time for all!

VICTORIUS on Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War:
“Mighty Dinosaurriors! Get ready for the next chapter of our epic quest! Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War is nothing more than the most ambitious album we´ve ever made. 12 songs full of speed, melodies, hooks and epic-ness! Together with producer Lars Rettkowitz we’ve created the soundtrack for an intergalactic Power Metal adventure you can´t escape from. The war rages on! Choose your side!”

Pre-Order Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War NOW:

Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War tracklist:

  1. Saurus Invictus Lazerus
  2. Victorious Dinogods
  3. Mighty Magic Mammoth
  4. Jurassic Jetfighters
  5. Dinos and Dragons
  6. Katana Kingdom Rising
  7. God of Roar
  8. Night of the Nuclear Ninja
  9. Triceps Ceratops
  10. Tyrannosaurus Steel
  11. Shadow of The Shinobi
  12. Powerzord

Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War is available in the following formats:
- Digi Sleevepack
- Digi Sleevepack + Shirt
- 1 LP Gatefold gold (limited to 300 copies, band shop exclusive)
- digital

David Baßin – Vocals
Dirk Scharsich – Guitar
Florian Zack – Guitar
Andreas Dockhorn – Bass
Frank Koppe – Drums

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Gothic Metal Ikonen CREMATORY kündigen neues Album an und veröffentlichen Titeltrack “Inglorious Darkness” inklusive offiziellem Musikvideo | HIER ansehen!

Neues Album Inglorious Darkness erscheint am 27. Mai 2022 via Napalm Records | Jetzt HIER vorbestellen!

[Photo Credit: Stefan Heilemann]

CREMATORY sind eine unbestreitbare Instanz im Gothic Metal und selbst nach mehr als 30 Jahren in der Szene beweißt die Band mit ihrem neuen Album Inglorious Darkness, das am 27. Mai 2022 über Napalm Records erscheint, einmal mehr warum sie weiterhin zu den Besten des Genres gehört.

CREMATORY melden sich nicht nur mit einer Album Ankündigung zurück, sondern veröffentlichen gleich dazu auch den Titeltrack “Inglorious Darkness”! Die eingängige und kraftvolle Gothic Metal Hymne bietet energiegeladene Vocals und harte Gitarrensounds, die von CREMATORYs unaufhaltbarer Kraft zeugen. Das Quintett liefert den perfekten ersten Eindruck, von dem was Fans von ihrem neuen Studioalbum Inglorious Darkness erwarten können. Bleibt gespannt!

CREMATORY on “Inglorious Darkness”:
“’Inglorious Darkness’ ist der Titeltrack von unserem neuen Album mit leicht progressiven Einflüssen und einem genialen Hitchorus. In dem Song geht es um die Angst vor dem Alleinsein in der Dunkelheit, aber wie man sich dann dennoch wohlfühlen kann und das Gefühl der Sicherheit und Vertrautheit bekommt.”

Schau dir das Video zu “Inglorious Darkness” HIER an:


CREMATORY feiern 30 Jahre deutschen Gothic Metal mit Inglorious Darkness!

Inglorious Darkness beginnt mit dem Titeltrack "Inglorious Darkness" - einer düsteren Gothic Metal-Hymne, die als würdiger Opener die Stimmung für das Album vorgibt. "Break Down The Walls" ist ein außerordentlicher Hit-Song, der eine sanfte Melodie mit Rock´n Roll-Drums umhüllt und sich direkt im Kopf des Hörers festsetzt. In den Strophen sticht der cleane Gesang von Felix hervor, der sich im Refrain mit den mächtigen Growls mischt.

"Trümmerwelten" sticht durch eine lyrisch illustrierte dystopische Szene heraus, während opulente Keyboards epische Melodien zu orchestralen und symphonischen Klanglandschaften aufbauen, die von schweren Schlagzeug-Elementen unterstrichen werden. Der monumentale Karrierehöhepunkt "Tränen der Zeit" erstrahlt in der deutschen Version in einem neuen Licht. Das Original ist stets einer der Höhepunkte der berühmten Liveshows der Band.

Mit dem deutschen Text wird diesem Klassiker neues Leben eingehaucht und lässt den Hörer in Melancholie und Nostalgie schwelgen. Bei Tracks wie "Sound of my Life" und "Not for the Innocent" sticht der bewährte Einsatz von Keyboards mit elektronischen Elementen hervor, während Songs wie "Das Ende" zum Headbangen einladen. Diese Nummern glänzen mit stampfenden Drums, hämmernder Energie und die deutschen Texte verstärken die Industrial Gothic Metal Aura des vertrauten CREMATORY-Sounds.

Mit Inglorious Darkness beweisen CREMATORY, dass ihre Leidenschaft stärker brennt denn je zuvor und dass sie selbst nach über 30 Jahren ein elementarer Bestandteil des Gothic Metals weltweit sind.

CREMATORY über Inglorious Darkness:
“Mit neuer Bandbesetzung geht es back to the roots mit nur einer Gitarre und ohne einem weiteren Sänger neben Felix, der dieses Album komplett alleine eingesungen hat – sowohl die Growls als auch die cleaneren Vocals. So werden Härte, Melodie und Düsternis auf Inglorious Darkness hervorragend vereint.

Real Gothic Metal ist hier das Schlagwort, das es hier zu bestaunen und zu hören gibt:  zahlreiche Hits mit deutschen und englischen Texten, teils elektronisch, teils orchestral und teils voll auf die Zwölf im Gothic Rock´n Roll Style!”

Sichere dir dein Exemplar von Inglorious Darkness HIER:

Covermodel: Olga & Outfit: Inner Sanctum Latex Fashion

Nocturnal Creatures Trackliste:
1. Inglorious Darkness
2. Break Down the Walls
3. Trümmerwelten
4. Rest in Peace
5. The Sound of My Life
6. Tränen der Zeit
7. Until We Meet Again
8. Zur Hölle
9. Not for the Innocent
10. Forsaken
11. Das Ende

Inglorious Darkness ist in folgenden Formaten erhältlich:
Digisleeve CD Edition
2LP Gatefold Black  
Wooden Box: Digisleeve, Bonus CD, Logo Gürtelschnalle, Album
Cover Fahne, Plectrum Set (limited to 400 copies)
2LP Gatefold in TRANS RED (limited to 300 copies)
Digisleeve & Shirt Bundle
Digital Full Length Album

Felix Stass – Vocals
Katrin Jüllich – Keyboards
Markus Jüllich – Drums
Rolf Munkes – Guitar
Patrick Schmid – Bass

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