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The Mighty WARKINGS to Release New Album, Revolution, out August 20, 2021 | Pre-Order Starts TODAY!

New Single and Official Video “Fight” Out NOW | Watch HERE!

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Join the WARKINGS Revolution!

WARKINGS Warriors beware! The mighty kings return to the battlefield, armed with glorious weapons made of pure Heavy Metal - the time for Revolution has come! The third part of the WARKINGS saga will be unleashed on August 20 via Napalm Records, so sharpen your weapons and join the WARKINGS Revolution!

To prime the attack for the Revolution to come, the WARKINGS echo a legendary, historic protest melody and deliver the first video and single “Fight”, accompanied by their strongest official video so far!

The Tribune on the new single:
“We will “Fight”…for our freedom, for our kingdom. Sing with us! Let your voices be heard!”

Get ready for the Revolution and watch the new video for “Fight” HERE:

After their rebirth and the fight against the armies of the underworld, it's time for Revolution under the flag of the WARKINGS. The four ancient kings, a Roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan, raise the red flag and gather their warriors for the next battle!

The Viking on the new album:
“The time has come, the world needs a Revolution. Raise your banners, fly our colors and join us on our way. We are the fire!”

Pre-Order Revolution NOW!

1. We are the Fire
2. Sparta - Part II
3. Fight
4. Spartacus
5. Kill for the King
6. Deus lo Vult
7. Ave Roma
8. Ragnar
9. By the Blade
10. Where Dreams Die

Revolution will be available in the following formats:
- Digital album
- 1 CD Digipack
- 1 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl
- Die Hard Edition: 1 LP Gatefold Marbled Crystal Clear & Sky - Blue Vinyl with Slipmat (strictly limited to 300)
- Deluxe Box, including 1 CD Digipack, leather wristband, exclusive Lanyard & pass, 4 Autograph cards and a special signed autograph card in every 5th Box (strictly limited to 500)

Forging their musical steel in the tradition of Powerwolf, Sabaton, HammerFall and Running Wild, the WARKINGS burst onto the battlefields in 2018. They gathered their Warriors around the world, beyond others on the legendary battlefields of Wacken, and entered the German album charts at #29 with Revenge. Now the time has come for Revolution!

Catch the mighty WARKINGS live on stage with FEUERSCHWANZ!

05.01.21 DE - Nuremberg / Löwensaal
07.01.21 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp
08.01.21 DE - Hanover / Pavillon
09.01.21 DE - Cologne / Carlswerk Victoria
14.01.21 DE - Berlin / Huxleys Neue Welt
15.01.21 DE - Leipzig / Felsenkeller
16.01.21 DE - Hamburg / Große Freiheit 36
21.01.21 AT - Vienna / Szene
22.01.21 AT - Graz / Dom Im Berg
23.01.21 DE - Munich / Backstage
28.01.21 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage
29.01.21 DE - Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
30.01.21 CH - Pratteln / Z7
05.02.21 DE - Bremen / Aladin
06.02.21 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle

Tribune - Vocals
Crusader - Guitars
Spartan - Drums
Viking - Bass

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Modern Metal Unit SCAR OF THE SUN Drops New Lyric Video for Emotional Track “Anastasis” | Watch HERE!

Get The New Album, Inertia, NOW!

[Photo credit: Cristina Alossi]

Inertia is a scar deeper than love! A scar engraved in your heart imploring you to listen to it again and again. Well done guys!”
(Sakis - Rotting Christ)

"Inertia shows a maturity and experience beyond their years. Emotionally impactful yet violently raging in all the right ways. Incredible all the way through!"
(Mikael Stanne – Dark Tranquillity)

With their new release Inertia SCAR OF THE SUN set the bar high for Modern Metal!”
(Seth - Septicflesh)


After recently releasing their third full-length album, Inertia, via Napalm Records, Greek modern metal five-piece SCAR OF THE SUN now drops an intense lyric video for album closing song “Anastasis”, which in their native language means “resurrection”. Its heaviness, together with an emotional vocal performance from singer Terry Nikas, immediately indicates a deep, personal meaning that pierces the listener to the bone.

Terry Nikas on the song:
"'Anastasis' is the closing song of our new album Inertia, definitely it is emotionally the heaviest song we have ever created. It's an homage to a very close person of mine and I felt like doing something in order never to be forgotten. It's something everyone can relate. Life is full of scars and I wanted to make this scar stand out of the rest."

Watch the new lyric video for “Anastasis” HERE:

SCAR OF THE SUN has made a name for themselves with the very special ability to merge modern metal sound with atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic riffs. Inertia delivers a fresh take on melodic, atmospheric, often progressively-influenced metal while forging a unique path, and acts as a follow up to their self-titled demo (2005), debut full-length A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies (2011) and sophomore offering In Flood (2016).

Grab your copy of SCAR OF THE SUN's new album Inertia NOW!

Greece’s SCAR OF THE SUN lends a voice to social injustice, merging
scientific lyricism
with energetic modern metal!

On Inertia, SCAR OF THE SUN utilizes scientific terminology to transmit their impassioned messages of difficult trials and social awareness lyrically, conveying an overarching theme that reflects one of society’s heaviest burdens – that financial gain has flourished at the expense of humanity and the livelihoods of everyday people. Instrumental intro “Hydrogen” stirs things up before kicking in with uncompromising title track “Inertia”, while the “Quantum Leap Zero”-trilogy conveys very intense and dramatic events that occurred in Greece in 2015: Suppression, rise/revolution and huge defeat in the end. Beginning with “Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control”, SCAR OF THE SUN unveils a whole new instrumental facet of the record, splicing their soundscapes with distinctively desolate vibes. “Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence”, on the other hand, calls for an untamed storm to annihilate everything, followed by atmospheric “Oxygen”, smashing “The Fallible Experiment” and poignant trilogy-closer “Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust”. Inertia ends with “Anastasis” (Greek for “resurrection”), an intense track about the terrible pain of losing someone you love. With this closer, SCAR OF THE SUN manages to put agony into words and turn this palpable despair into emotive music.

SCAR OF THE SUN about the album:
Third strike, this album is our punch to the world disarray! The most aggressive album we’ve done so far indicates our current intentions! The main concept of Inertia deals with how financial interests act against the lives of everyday normal people, no matter where you come from, since profit knows no ethics and nationalities.

We become lab rats and we struggle in our everyday life while at the same time that extreme minority that runs the financial interests see people like numbers and value our lives like ants. These are matters that concern and annoy me and I had to get them out of my chest.

Inertia tracklisting:
1. Hydrogen
2. Inertia
3. I Am The Circle
4. Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control
5. Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence
6. Oxygen
7. The Fallible Experiment
8. Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust
9. Singularity Collapse
10. Zenith To Minos
11. Anastasis

Inertia is available in the following formats:
- 1LP Gatefold BLACK
- Shirt & Digpack Bundle
- CD Digipack
- Full Digital Album

[1LP Gatefold TRANSPARENT GREEN + BLACK Marbled - Napalm Mailorder Only]

Terry Nikas - vocals
Alexi Charalampous - guitars
Greg Eleftheriou - guitars
Panagiotis Gatsopoulos - bass
Thanos Pappas - drums



Ancient Roman Themed Juggernaut EX DEO Returns with New Album, The Thirteen Years Of Nero, via Napalm Records

Out August 27, 2021 | Pre-Order HERE

Watch the Official Music Video for New Single “Imperator” HERE

Featuring members of Kataklysm, Carach Angren and Venom Inc.

[Photo Credit: Suzzy Iacono]
Four years after the release of The Immortal Wars (2017), Juno Award-nominated EX DEO returns with more massive, brutal soundscapes than ever on their highly anticipated upcoming full-length album, The Thirteen Years Of Nero, out August 27, 2021 via Napalm Records! The Canadian unit is led by founding frontman Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm) and producer/guitarist Jean-François Dagenais (Kataklysm, Misery Index, Despised Icon), with the stylings of Stephane Barbe (Kataklysm) on lead guitar, Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc.) on drums, Dano Apekian (Ashes of Eden) on bass and Clemens Wijers (Carach Angren, Lindemann) manning the intense orchestral score.

On The Thirteen Years Of Nero, the Roman Empire inspired symphonic death metal band transports the listener back to Ancient Rome with 10 cinematic masterpieces that tell the emotional, conceptual story of the reign of Emperor Nero. Accented by sounds of ancient instruments like lyra and harp and detailing the harrowing stories of Nero’s surroundings, close allies and enemies, listeners will connect with intense psychological tones of political turmoil and paranoia!

Today, EX DEO has revealed a bludgeoning brand new track from The Thirteen Years Of Nero, entitled “Imperator”, alongside a brutal, cinematic music video. The track connects with a colossal, threatening introduction before slithering into its verses with low guitars, trudging drums and haunting, multi-layered vocal passages.

Frontman Maurizio Iacono says about “Imperator”:
“We wanted to release a heavy hitting first single and there was no doubt that “Imperator” in all of its grandiose aura and power was the choice. On the album, the song introduces Nero as the new Emperor of Rome. For the video, we used acclaimed video director Scott Hansen and together we recreated a dinner party in true Nero style like you never seen before, you have been warned!”
Watch the brand new music video for “Imperator” HERE
The Thirteen Years Of Nero pierces through the silence with its first auditory spear, “The Fall Of Claudius”, immediately drawing the listener in with a savagely heavy, grooving riff, ground-shaking swells and warning strings and horns. Discordant harmonies collide as a mosh-worthy battle riff chugs and pinches through the center of the song, showcasing the ruthlessness to come. “The Head Of The Snake” and unforgivingly immense “Britannia: The 9th At Camulodonum” balance sinister, spectral-like channels with up-tempo elements, racing like a chariot of symphonic death metal influences that careen the listener back to a sonic dimension of time forgotten. Standout opus “Boudicca (Queen Of The Iceni)” features the deft vocal stylings of Unleash The Archers frontwoman Brittney Slayes, the album’s weightiest thunderous percussion work and a glistening guitar solo, while the embers of pulsing “The Fiddle & The Fire” spark as the track traverses methodically yet steadfastly, like an iron striking a blade. “Son Of The Deified” and “What Artist Dies In Me…” bestow some of the album’s most strikingly dynamic guitar work, as well as ominous instrumentals, orchestral and choral pathways, before closing with the superb epic “The Revolt of Galba”. The track ebbs and flows between grooving, eerie piano-laden riffs and crystal-clear flourishes bestrewn with soaring strings.

With The Thirteen Years Of Nero, EX DEO have released their finest work yet while telling a timeless story of political intrigue, suspicion, evil and tyranny!

Maurizio Iacono says about The Thirteen Years Of Nero:
“When it comes to Ancient Rome, the content is long, rich and extensive, the personalities reflect every society imaginable from just, fair and generous to greed, evil and merciless. The world we live in today was shaped by Rome – it doesn’t take much see it all around you in the simplest things. For this record, it was the proper time to fallow the timeline of one Rome’s most controversial figures, Nero. On this album, we follow him through his thirteen-year journey as emperor of Rome and unveil the true face of one of the world’s most worshiped villains.”
Pre-Order The Thirteen Years Of Nero HERE
The Thirteen Years Of Nero tracklisting:
1. The Fall of Claudius
2. Imperator   
3. The Head of the Snake       
4. Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni) Feat. Brittney Slayes
5. Britannia: The 9th at Camulodonum         
6. Trial of the Gods (Intermezzo)       
7. The Fiddle & the Fire         
8. Son of the Deified  
9. What Artist Dies in Me…    
10. The Revolt of Galba         

The Thirteen Years Of Nero will be available in the following formats:
-4 page CD Digipack
-LP Gatefold Black
-LP Gatefold Marbled Black & White (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 300 worldwide)
-Deluxe Wooden Box Edition: Digipack, Bonus Orchestral CD, Roman Coin, Band Logo Patch and Roman Banner (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 500)
-CD Digipack & Shirt Bundle (RoW Napalm mailorder only)
-Digital Album
[Deluxe Wooden Box Edition: Digipack, Bonus Orchestral CD, Roman Coin, Band Logo Patch and Roman Banner (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 500)]
EX DEO is:
Maurizio Iacono - Vocals
Jean-François Dagenais - Guitars
Stephane Barbe - Lead Guitar
Dano Apekian - Bass
Jeramie Kling - Drums
Clements Wijers - Orchestral Score

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