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Wie immer gibt´s für jedes Konzert in dieser Woche 2x2 Gästelistenplätze zu gewinnen. Einfach eine E-Mail an uns: Deinen Namen und das gewünschte Konzert angeben. Die Ersten gewinnen und werden benachrichtigt.

Viel Vergnügen!




Diese Gäste und auch alle anderen, die bei uns auf der Gästeliste stehen, egal ob Presse, Fotograph, Mutter vom Sänger oder Freundin vom Drummer, „verdonnern“ wir ab sofort zu einer Spende von 1,- in unsere Köln-gegen-Rechts-Spenden-Box!





Montag , 16. April

The Woggles (USA) / Ärger Now (D)


Garage Rock´n´ Roll

For a band to not only last 30 years together but keep scaling more imposing heights, it’s going to need a sense of purpose. In the case of The Woggles, the seasoned garage rockers are greeting the milestone with a renewed rallying cry to move ever forward, a three-syllable statement of intent which also serves as the title of their new album on Wicked Cool Records, Tally Ho!

Fusing pure rock and soul from vintage sources into their own singular sound, The Woggles lay it down hard and loud but with more majesty than recklessness. Their beats and riffs are as strident as Manfred’s swagger and strut onstage. Having played in the past with Johnny Cash, Link Wray, The Zombies and nearly every garage rock group worth its salt, they’re celebrating both Tally Ho! and 30 years as a group on tour in the U.S. throughout 2017, with dates in Europe and Japan planned for 2018. As Meredith Ochs wisely advised on NPR All Songs Considered: “Go see a Woggles show. It will change your life.”


ÄRGER NOW! sind ein Trio (2 Gitarren/Schlagzeug) aus LoserCity Solingen (feat. Jens von den legendären Jet Bumpers) und spielen lauten verzerrten Rock'N'Roll irgendwo zwischen 77, 66 und neuem Lofi-Stuff. Viel Fuzz und Reverb und ziemlich melodisch. File: Mad-Magazine / Angry Samoans / Lofi / PunkRock/ TeenageDrama / TV. Texte über das Ende der Welt und Autos die nicht anspringen, wenn man sie braucht. Knallerraketenband!


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€


Mittwoch , 18. April

Ema Yazurlo (ARG)


Cumbia / Reggae / Hip Hop

EMA YARZURLO aus Argentinien  war jahrelang mit der Band LA ZURDA unterwegs. Nun startet er sein eigenes Projekt , Ema Yarzurlo + Quilombo Sonora. Sein neues Album „Music  y Amor“ präsentiert er nun erstmals auch in Deutschland. Ein wilder Mix aus Südamerikanische Rhythmen, zwischen Weltmusik, Cumbia, Reggae, HipHop, Rap und Electro Swing  dargeboten mit teilweise südamerikanischen Instrumente wie der Charango oder Quatro erwarten das Publikum. EMA YARZURLO Teilte die Bühne schon mit Bands wie: EMIR KUSTURICA, AMADOU & MARIAN, MAD PROFESOR, MOLOTOV, FISHBONE, LOS FABULOSOS CADILLACS, LA VELA PUERCA und dem  DUBIOZA COLECTIV. Unter anderem 2015 auf verschiedenen Festivals in ganz Europa wie: Au foin de la Rue (Fr), Pole Pole' Festival (Belgium) Tollwood(Germany) Roots Festival (NL) Marghera Village (IT) Big Rivers (NL) . EMA YARURLO und QUILOMBO SONORA nehmen


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€



Donnerstag , 19. April

Gemma & The Travellers (FRA)


R&B, Northern Soul and Funk

Gemma & the Travellers gives a nod to the early deep Soul, R&B, Northern Soul and Funk of the 60's but the unique songwriting gives a refreshing twist. Gemma has a powerful, inimitable voice, inspired by the likes of Dusty Springfield, Julie Driscoll, Etta James & Aretha Franklin.
Gemma has a distinctive voice; a Soul woman who left the south of Italy as a teenager with a small bag in her hand and a bit of cash in her back pocket. Travelling through Europe, Gemma met Robert P., an Anglo-Swedish guitarist in Germany and formed a travelling duo which ended up returning to Robert’s home town, London. After many years getting sick and tired of the city’s “distractions”, the duo sought a more creative
environment to create and fell in love with the mystical Northern Brittany, where they formed the band “Gemma & the Travellers”.

Signed to “Légère Recordings”, one of Europe’s best Soul & Funk labels, their début album “Too Many Rules & Games” was released on 28th April 2017. Gemma writes all of her songs with the help of Robert P. on the guitar. Gemma takes inspiration from Dusty Springfield, Julie Driscoll, Etta James & Aretha Franklin.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€




Freitag , 20. April

Bambix (NL) / Statues On Fire (BRA)


Punkrock/ Melodic Hardcore

Bambix is a band based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, although some members might be German, might even come from Cologne. Since they are considered to be a punk-band, this does not matter. Borders and styles are to be crossed here easily. Back and forth. What is important is that they have created their own style in which melody walks hand in hand with a kicking back power force. Always catchy and edgy. Known for Wick Bambix's 2 vocal chords. One chord is the soothing one, the other one cuts deep.

Bambix has played shows for over 15 years, releasing 7 cd's of which the latest The Storytailor was released on Rookie Records. They tasted 20.875 different brands of beer whilst touring all over the world. 5  Brasil tours, Argentina, USA, and umptienth times all over Europe. Toured with great bands like Bad Religion or GBH, and played with shitbands like Korn. Whilst on the road we played and danced with Good Riddance, slept with Terrorgruppe, and talked about the 90's with Jawbreaker and Fugazi. Played big festivals and tiny toilet size bars. Which we love just the same.

With a Brasilian label, a Japanese release, a German label, a fabulous Brasilian following (ducarai!), we, Wick Bambix guitar/vocs, ex-Wohlstandskind rockstar Caddy on drums and Burn He-Man on bass:  .... We are 3 unlimited. Bambix. No rule is the first rule! oi!


STATUES ON FIRE,released in August 2016 their new album called “No Tomorrow”, the band was formed in 2013 in São Paulo Brazil, punkrock, melodic hardcore style of music.

With only 4 years old, Statues On Fire already have done 3 European tours and are ready to hit the road again in April 2018, touring together mostly with Radio Havanna from Berlin. Since they released the first record they were considered one of the best Brazilian band of all times.

In Europe, Rookie Records released their 2 albums, Phoenix and No Tomorrow, They also have their Albums released and distributed in USA and Japan.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 10€


Danach BallroomBlitz! Party mit THE HUMAN ATOMBOMB, Eintritt frei!



Samstag , 21. April

The Reaction (NL) / TravisBickleExperience (D)


Garage / Garage-Proto Punk

The Reaction is a Dutch nederbeat/garageband that is inspired by Q65, the Outsiders, the Who and the Pretty Things. You can describe their sound as raw sixties garage with ripping vocals,banging drums, catchy riffs, throbbing bass and a haunting philicorda organ. 

The Reaction released a 10 inch titled “Action with The Reaction”. All tracks on this record are original recordings. Their second release was the 7 inch single “Go Wild”, which was written as themesong for the anual Go Wild! festival. The killer track ‘Thunder” is the b-side. 

The band already played great shows in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This show will be part of the releaseshow for their new record

Go catch them live for a rousing experience full of dirty nederbeat! 


TravisBickleExperience aus Düsseldorf spielen Garage-Proto Punk frei nach dem Motto " Fuck Art Let's Rock!"

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€

Danach Shake-Appeal-Party mit SE-IL, SARAH & PILLE, Eintritt frei!





24.04. The Fleshtones / Kurt Barkeer Combo
25.04. Cedric / The Doghunters
26.04. Tankus The Henge
27.04. Saturday Heroes / Senor Pilz
28.04. Lisa Melissa & The Mess
30.04. The Stems / Il Senato
02.05. The Dizzy Brains / GiiRL
03.05. Slowy, Dennis Real, AzudemsK
04.05. Ausbruch / Ansage: Nein
05.05. The Monroes
08.05. The Bennies / Rick Dangerous
09.05. A Tribute To Johnny Cash
10.05. The Members / Flash Gilden
11.05. Union Jack / Ernte 77
12.05. Surfer Joe / The Belharras
15.05. The Soap Girls / The Vagrants
16.05. Bombpops / Angry Youth Elite
17.05. Paint Fumes / Indolent
18.05. The Restarts / Krass Kepala
19.05. Dirtshakes / Columbian Neckties / The Hippriests
20.05. The Boneshakers ab ca. 15h im Biergarten
20.05. Low Life / setyoursails
23.05. Brandy Row
24.05. Powder For Pigeons / svynx
25.05. Skassapunka / Sinnfrei
26.05. The Royal Hangmen / Nitribitts
28.05. Bodega
29.05. Los Manos De Filippi
30.05. Penadas Por La Ley / Keine Ahnung
01.06. Los Marcias
02.06. Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation
07-06- The Cubical / Pie-O-My
08.06. Karaoke Till Death
09.06. The Trip Takers
12.06. Freak Genes
13.06. Left Lane Cruiser
14.06. Espana Circo Este
15.06. Defekt Defekt / Sworn Liars
16.06. The Jancee Pornick Casino
20.06. Dr Victor
21.06. Eastern Standard Time
22.06. Popperklopper
25.06. El Colosso
26.06. The Void Union / Masons Arms
28.06. Space Cossacks
29.06. Notgemeinschaft Peter Pan
30.06. The Darts
03.07. Nine Pound Hammer / The Gasoliners
04.07. The Sex Pistols Experience
06.07. Liebe Frau Gesangsverein
07.07. Whiskey Kiss
13.07. Alteri
14.07. Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies
17.07. Doctor Karpula
19.07. Mr. Airplane Man

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