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BallroomBlitz! Festival am Samstag war der Hammer, kein Stress, nur coole Leute, die in Ruhe feiern, Ihr seid die Besten! Danke!
BallroomBlitz! #9 am 03.08.2019!

Wie immer gibt´s für jedes Konzert in dieser Woche 2x2 Gästelistenplätze zu gewinnen. Einfach eine E-Mail an uns: Deinen Namen und das gewünschte Konzert angeben. Die Ersten gewinnen und werden benachrichtigt.

Viel Vergnügen!


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Diese Gäste und auch alle anderen, die bei uns auf der Gästeliste stehen, egal ob Presse, Fotograph, Mutter vom Sänger oder Freundin vom Drummer, „verdonnern“ wir ab sofort zu einer Spende von 1,- in unsere Köln-gegen-Rechts-Spenden-Box!




Dienstag , 7. August

Siberian Meat Grinder (RUS) / Paura (BRA)


high speed thrash metal / HC / Hip­Hop / Hardcore

What would happen if you blend the high speed thrash metal with hardcore punk, hip­hop, stoner rock and black metal, throw in some lyrics inspired by street culture, skateboarding and graffiti and add the mystic stage image which includes brutal masks and the banners depicting  the mighty Bear Tsar?You’ll get the unstoppable mosh machine which high adrenaline shows attract crowds of headbangers everywhere from Moscow to Berlin and which goes by the name of Siberian Meat Grinder! 


PAURA is a 5-piece from São Paulo, Brazil, that makes its unique blend of hardcore and metal. To imagine a cross between Sepultura and Sick of it All, or Slayer with the Bad Brains, one will know what it’s been talked about. A band with the DIY spirit and ethics of hardcore, with the obnoxiousness and heaviness of a metal outfit.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€




Mittwoch , 8. August

Heathen Apostles (USA)


Gothic Americana/Country

Born of the voices of past lives and baptized in the dust bowl dirt, the Gothic Americana music of the HEATHEN APOSTLES harkens back to a bygone chapter of American history. Using contrasting influences such as Bauhaus, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Pogues with Howlin’ Wolf, Loretta Lynn (the band covers her classic Fist City) and Memphis Minnie, the HEATHEN APOSTLES have created a style of music that at once conjurs both angels and demons, and will enlighten a darkened soul.


Crossing paths at a gathering one Indian summer evening, femme fatale bellower Mather Louth (Radio Noir) and rock n roll veteran Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes) quickly uncovered a mutual appreciation for murder balladry, Americana, and memento mori. It was not long before a collaboration that sought to marry these interests in a sonic landscape, THE HEATHEN APOSTLES, surfaced. The landscape was further tilled with the addition of Thomas Lorioux (The Kings of Nuthin’) on bass and Luis Mascaro on violin.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 8€




Donnerstag , 9. August

Agrotoxico (BRA) / Inge Brauch (D)


Hardcore Punk

Agrotóxico is one of the most popular and active punk bands ever to emerge from Brazil. They formed in São Paulo in 1993.
Agrotóxico's is a Hardcore Punk band with lyrics about anarchism, DIY actions and also about repression, fascism, 3rd world violence, ecological problems and all of this shit around the world. Live, this band turns every venue into a kettle of hot and steaming pogo punk with their relentless energy.

The bands history has 6 albums and a DVD documentation released in Brazil by Redstar Recs. All the albums were also released in Europe by Dirty Faces Records and Ruin Nation Records. That helped the band with 6 tours with more than 150 concerts around Europe, also having part in several compilations in lots of different countries.
In summer 2018 they will bring their new album (Break the Silence Records, Germany).


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 9€




Freitag , 10. August

Antagonizers ATL (USA) / Roadside Bombs (USA)


Working Class Street Rock´n´ Roll / Streetpunk Rock n' Roll

Sometimes, a name and title tell you everything you need to know. However, these Atlanta punks aren’t just blistering punk rock, Oi! And rock’n’roll, but also embrace soul influences amid a fury of guitar solos and memorable sing-alongs. Through years of touring and 7″ releases the band have honed their sound, resulting in a tight and fiery listen that draws comparisons to the early days of Rancid and Social Distortion. There’s a classic old school feel and fist-pumping energy here that’s both valiant and exciting.


For nearly 10 years, this extremely talented and experienced five-piece has been steadily gaining momentum, perfecting their stance, and approach. Those of us lucky enough to have seen the climb have watched Roadside Bombs grow and just get better and better; playing bigger and bigger venues and ultimately writing catchier and catchier tunes.


Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€


Danach BallroomBlitz! Party mit DUKE, Eintritt frei!




Samstag , 11. August

The Akulas (BEL) / Los Mosquitos (D)



That’s The Akulas, Fine instrumentals, originating between the sun blasted shores of California and the dry deserts of Reverbistan. Rooted in Ghent (Belgium) since 2005, The Akulas remain inspired by the sixties sounds of surf music, Hammond craze and European beat and instrumentals.


Los Mosquitos, der neue Stern am Lo-Fi Surf Instro Himmel! Das spanisch-kölsche Trio (u. a. Roxanes, ex-X-Ray Harpoons und Outcrowd Leute) frönt der trashigen Seite des früh- bis mitt-60er Surf und Instrumental Sounds. Twang trifft auf Fuzz, Surfaris auf Link Wray, Traditional Surf auf Garage.


Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21.30h, Eintritt: 8€


Danach Shake Appeal Party Special “Journey To Time” mit Pille & Tobias, Eintritt frei!




Sonntag , 12. August



Jeden Sonntag ab 15h könnt ihr an 2 Platten in unserem Biergarten euer Können oder Nichtkönnen unter Beweis stellen.

An einer Platte wird Rundlauf gespielt, an der anderen Einzel.

Ihr könnt Punkte sammeln und dabei Preise gewinnen.

Es gibt einen Preis für den Tagessieger und einen Preis für den Saisonsieger (die Saison geht bis zum 30.9.).

Einfach vorbeikommen und euch vor Ort anmelden (keine Startgebühr!).




13.08. Ruby The Hatchet / Riot In The Attic
15.08. The Mis-Made / Quattro Suzies
16.08. Defiance / Grindhouse
17.08. Broken Teeth / Rough Youth
18.08. Deadline
21.08. Ditches / I am The Fly
23.08. Daily Thompson / Galactic Superlord
24.08. Blind Man Death Stare / Venturas
25.08. Paddlecell
26.08. The Fum
28.08. Wonk Unit / Kuckmaichch
30.08. TV Crime / Miss Chain & The Broken Heels
31.08. 100 Blumen / Blut Hirn Schranke
01.09. Slander Tongue
04.09. Hodja / F.W.Smolls
05.09. Noisepicker / Sutter Kane
06.09. Dead Mans Eye / The Manana People
07.09. Kolari / Val Sinestra
12.09. The Corps
13.09. ETRE / ISWH / L´avare
14.09. Fahnenflucht / Allgemeines Denkvermögen
15.09. The Sewer Rats / Jukebox Romantics
18.09. Boytoy
19.09. La Severa Matacera
22.09. The Chaingang Kings
23.09. Eläkeleiset
24.09. Eläkeleiset
25.09. Toxics
26.09. Menace
27.09. TV Smith
28.09. As We Go / Team Stereo / Sweet Empire
29.09. The Astronauts / Stronzo Gelantino & The Boo-Men
02.10. 20 Jahre The Nopes
04.10. Cash Savege & The Last Drinks
05.10. The Kendolls
06.10. Hell O Yak
08.10  Farflung
09.10. The Red Paintings
10.10. Distemper
11.10. Karaoke Till Death
12.10. Karaoke Till Death
13.10. The Lovers / Pie-O-My
16.10. Dirtbox Disco
17.10. Moving Targets / Minusmen
18.10. The Skull / The Castle
19.10. Nasty Rumours
20.10. Green Seagull / Rebels Of Tijuana
23.10. Skampida
24.10. Make Overs / Schleichen
26.10. Illegale Farben / Kick Joneses
27.10. Maiorano / New Rogues
29.10. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
30.10. Faintest Idea / Rosskapankki
31.10. Ivan Ivanovich & The Kremel Krauts
02.11. Hewhoccannotbenamed
03.11. The Dukes of Hamburg
06.11. Lene Lovich / Barbara Gogan
08.11. Yellow Eyes / Anicon
09.11. Scheisse Minelli
10.11. 25 Jahre Cellophane Suckers

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